Rely on Horror: Silent Hill Downpour Review

Rely on Horror: Despite the issues with the game, I feel they are outweighed by how much this game did right. This Silent Hill fan feels right as rain.

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Virtual_Reality2416d ago

Interesting, looks like Vatra Games nailed it.

Ethereal2416d ago

Hmmm, well then. I am really happy to see this, coming from a huge fan of the originals. Eager to see more reviews.

SovereignSnaKe2416d ago

-Good to hear, I'm going to play this after Mass Effect III, It will be nice to play a game that isn't surrounded with so much bitching and hating for a while... *Hopefully* :)


I have no idea about how this new SH is going (I'm avoiding videos and images this time, just like the first time I played SH, much of the terror come from having no idea of what kind of disgusting monster may or may not be waiting for you in the fog) but considering that the fans of the franchises are very conservative about gameplay and atmosphere, I can see SH getting "fan trolled" too.

I mean, there's people still bitching about Team Silent disbanding back in 2005 and downplaying every developer that filled in the void ever since.

But I wouldn't compare the buzz to ME3 as this game not only is suffering from fan backlash (in my opinion justifiable, afterall the removing of end changing choices is a step back considering past games have it) as it has a lot of non fans "concerned" with the day one DLC bullcrap (again, I wouldn't blame the fans, and I agree that the DLC strategy is lame, but many people are just using it to downplay ME3 while they overlook the same problem in other games).

Ahasverus2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Edit: lol nevermind, I thought you were talking about DP but were talking about ME3, my apologies.

SovereignSnaKe2415d ago

-Very true, there is no comparison, it's just sad, i love Mass Effect so much, and then i go on the blog sites and its rant after rant. However, Perhaps I'll get angry when i finish it today or tomorrow and see this ending that everyone is ready to chop heads off over.

Anyways, after i posted i redacted on all the people yelling over on Amazon message boards about the new Voice overs in the HD collection. I played SH:2 so many years ago i can't even remember the Voice acting, but i guess they put in new and old options. And yes, the Silent Hill fans have also been a rabid bunch, especially after Homecoming.. ugh.. which that game... I really wanted to like it, I liked the atmosphere for the first 5 hours, then it quickly fell apart with VERY clunky combat, where I'm all about the Exploration.

YxUxNO2416d ago

Can't wait to play it

DoctorXpro2416d ago

Im playing at the moment and its better than Homecoming not amazing graphics but if u are a Silent Hill fan u gonna like it.

Laxman2416d ago

Where is the game out? Doesnt come out will next month here :(

DoctorXpro2415d ago

If u don't believe check my gamertag Major Xpro, Im big fan of Silent Hill this one is not the best one but if u are a silent Hill fan u play any, that's why I cant wait for the HD collection

Laxman2415d ago

Oh no, im not saying I dont believe you or anything. I was just wondering where you are from, in case I am able to import it from there and save myself waiting till next month to play it.

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