The expansion of the female chest in Mass Effect, 2007-2012

A comparison of the "chest size" of the female Commander Shepard in the three Mass Effect games.

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Sgt_Slaughter2417d ago

I was going to question the necessity for this, but I saw "female chest" and realized that this will be hot in about an hour tops.

cannon88002416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

By the time Mass Effect 9 comes out, Female Commander Shepherd will have become a hunchback because her breasts are going to weigh 150 pounds lolololol

da_2pacalypse2416d ago

lol not to mention the ass... diana has the biggest ass I've ever seen in any video game... like wtf?? lol

mabreu2416d ago

Mass effect 2 looks more realistic to the female anatomy, but I don't see a problem with the 3rd progression. Just as long as they go too far and start looking like Soul Calibur characters and start animating the "bounce."

Gaming1012416d ago

You can customize to make them look like whatever you want, so really who cares what the default body is?

guitarded772416d ago

Skim milk -> 2% milk -> Whole milk

OT: I don't think this is a case, but many games have used the hyper-sexualization of women to sell games, which is kinda lame, but their largest audience is males.

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Autodidactdystopia2416d ago

I think the OP meant to say

"the LIFTING of the female ....."


Theo11302416d ago


I't s true that video games is heavily male audience, but that doesn't justify the objectification of women. the default female Shepard from ME1/2 was a great character, she wasn't the stereotypical girly girl, she was just a strong character. But Bioware decided to go to the lowest common denominator and introduce a new female shepard and had people vote for her based on her appearance. Nuts to bioware.

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Neo Nugget2417d ago

Mass Effect 5 will equate to Soul Calibur 3. It's a vicious pattern.

RufustheSage2417d ago

Forget the chest, that ass is crazy in 3.

Rearden2417d ago

I just realized that...

skip2mylou2416d ago

dont even say kray if you dont even know what it means

Zoron0072417d ago

It looks as if her posture gets better and it overall looks more realistic.9

Pozzle2416d ago

It looks like poor Shepard needs a back brace in that first picture!

danieldeath2416d ago

Silicon is not a rare resource in the mass effect universe..

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The story is too old to be commented.