Mass Effect producer comes under fire on Twitter

Mass Effect series producer Mike Gamble comes under fire from disgruntled fans after tweeting that he’d had the ‘hardest day ever’ and hinting at future Mass Effect 3 plans.

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Newsman2413d ago

Mass Effect 3 was bloody good cause EA send you games to preview. Good old Beefjack, whole article out of a tweet.

JoeyTZG2413d ago

It's crazy how many articles are created from tweets, whether it's gaming journalism or journalism as a whole. It's like, " Peyton Manning said he likes warm weather" in a tweet, headline the next day. Peyton Is A Sure Bet For Miami! haha blah blah blah.

da_2pacalypse2413d ago

to be fair the ending of ME3 was pretty crappy. I mean, it was literally taken right out of the original Deus Ex.

TooTall192413d ago

How is the original deus ex ending crappy? It may not be original, but I always thought the original deus ex has some of the best endings.

snipes1012413d ago

I'm not saying that every tweet is newsworthy, but as someone studying journalism in college we are all learning very quickly that social media is becoming a source for news. Whitney Houston's death was broken on there almost 30 minutes before the press got to it. Joe Paterno's health was also being updated on there regularly the night he died.

As for all the ME3 hate, I'm having a lot of fun with it 13 hours in, I don't see where any of this hate is coming from and no, EA didn't pay me to say that. This is really just annoying actually. The man can't even make a freakin tweet without getting flamed to ashes by his "fans." No, I don't agree with the way the "from ashes" (or whatever it was called) DLC was handled, Im quite against it. But this is just getting ridiculous. The gaming community is so fickle and childish sometimes.

Legionaire20052413d ago

Actually Whitney Houston'd death was know a week before it happened, yes it was original a rumor on the net. This may come off as a conspiracy, but it was also suspicious that itunes mysteriously raise up the price for Whitney Houston albums like they know she was going to die. They claim it was a error, bullsh*t!!!! Why did Clive Davis continue have his party in the same hotel where Whitney died, and never take notice? Even Bobby Brown sister is suspicious of her death. Well people I digress.

I didn't get far yet to the ending of Mass Effect 3, but no game make decisions that truly effects the universe like Mass Effect does. I feel like the Command in Chief in the Mass Effect series than Fable 3.

STONEY42413d ago

Most of the hate is about the endings. I haven't gotten anywhere near that far yet though, but the game is really good so far. Tuchanka scene... ohh man.

snipes1012413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )


-_- < that is what is called a plain face. That is the reaction I had to your comment on Whitney as it had nothing to do with the fact that as an ACTUAL, confirmed news piece, it was broken via Twitter before anywhere else. A rumor is a totally different story.

If you want to provide some links though, I'd read into what you said. Making claims without proof isnt a good idea on N4G message boards.

As for Mass Effect, YES Stoney the Tuchanka scene was incredible and moving and YES legionaire I have seen many ripples from the decisions I have made as far back as the first game. Even though sometimes it feels kind of like Bioware was going down a checklist of loose ends they had to tie up, most of the story threads have had satisfying conclusions. Im excited to see the end and Im hopeful it wont suck.

ATi_Elite2413d ago

tweets and twitter are outta control.

I follow NO ONE!

rattletop2413d ago

"You know, the one where you charge people $10 for a proper end to your plotless game.”


badkolo2413d ago

i read that and laughed for 10 minutes, priceless

hay2413d ago

I agree, but for a person who love Bioware since their beginning, anticipated and loved every game of theirs, potentially plotless sequel to amazing series is a dire sight and experience.

Nimblest-Assassin2413d ago

Yawn... getting bored of these "fans" complaining about the prothean DLC.

I have not finished ME3 yet, nor am I looking to spoil it, but people need to understand that the DLC only adds a crew mate, maybe they were talking about DLC for multiplayer or something besides DLC, maybe a patch or other stuff. Me2 did the same thing with the arrival and no one complained.

PLUS IT WAS A VAGUE TWEET " If people knew what we were working on the would want to keep their copy of ME3 forever"

HE COULD HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT ANYTHING...but people seem to always accuse them of DLC now.

These "fans" seem to go off on the slightest things... also how the hell do people beat the main game in less than 2 days... I mean did they play non stop?

I wish I had that kind of time.

"You know, the one where you charge people $10 for a proper end to your plotless game.”

I refuse to believe Bioware would pull a Square-enix on us..

sigh, I should stop coming onto the internet... and just enjoy ME3

MaxXAttaxX2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

His tweet says two key things:
1. He's working on "something" for ME3.
2. He urges fans to keep their copies of ME3(for whatever it is they're working on).
Conclusion: DLC

""I refuse to believe Bioware would pull a Square-enix on us.""
Start getting used to the idea. Look at the signs. Final Fantasy XIV and SW:TOR share one similarity. Guess what it is.
It's best to see it coming than to be shocked by it later.

morganfell2412d ago

"I refuse to believe Bioware would pull a Square-enix on us.."

For those of us that were around, we said the same thing about SE. Now look where we are at.

REALgamer2412d ago

I agree, how have people managed to finish the game in 2 days if they haven't been playing almost continuously?


I'm guessing these are the same people who go and buy every new re-release of Star Wars, watch it each time it returns to cinemas and complain each time about George Lucas milking the franchise. Then they wait anxiously for the next one to throw their money at and complain some more.

REALgamer2412d ago

@NathanExplosion: I'm sorry, where does it say he's working on something for ME3?

He says to keep your ME3 save file. Why couldn't that mean ME4, or bonuses in Dragon Age 3 the way ME2 and DA2 gave bonus armour and items?

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Gamer-Z2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )


Lol that one was pretty funny

krazykombatant2413d ago

I haven't played this yet but, I'm interested in seeing what the endings will be that are causing such a ruckus... If it had anything to do with the reapers winning I don't think I'll be angry cuz it was something that occured to me... But if something different, idk it'll be interesting to play. But nice to see people bashing Bioware/Ea, this should show that gamers are not people who want to be stepped on and taken advantaged of.

Nice to see people take a stand.

SneeringImperialist2413d ago

The ending is essentially the same no matter what you do lol.

SageHonor2413d ago

Exactly and it invalidates alot of our previous decisions while taking away replay ability. Which is a damn shame considering the game is fun throughout. Those last 10 minutes fucked everything up lol

Patriots_Pride2413d ago

Well is'nt this the same for almost every RPG except for Heavy Rain.

You might think that your choices matter in Fall Out, DX Human Revo, Dragon Age and the Witcher but in the end only a few choices matter.

krazykombatant2413d ago

Right well that doesn't qualify entirely as a spoiler, but yeah from what I see everyone bitching, I got the idea that they went the DA:II route.. IF they did not... DON'T bother telling me what they did because I've not yet played the game and I won't for another 2 weeks so if you want to put spoilers put plenty of spoiler tags for those of us that haven't played or gotten far enough.

SneeringImperialist2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

You'll be so disappointed after you finish it man(dont get me wrong the whole game is sweet but then the ending pisses on you), i feel as if the past 5 years of my mass effect playthroughs have been such an epic waste of time, because in the end they didn't really matter they made no difference

Bioware has massively trolled us all. You should enjoy the game just don't expect the finale the fans deserve.

Simon_Brezhnev2412d ago


You must never played The Witcher series because the choices makes a big difference and it changes the ending. ME3 ending is shit pissed me the hell off i wasted my time doing all the side missions.

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T3MPL3TON 2413d ago

I'm more pissed that people actually bought this trash than I am at EA anymore. You people are the reason they keep messing up their games, it doesn't matter if they do because you'll buy it anyway. The ending was released two weeks before the game even came out and you still ran to the store to buy the game knowing full and well that it was gonna be full on retarded.

knifefight2413d ago

If it works, businesses will do it again in the future. Don't be surprised when things like this, day-1 DLC, and locked content on the disc become the norm. They wouldn't if we'd actually man up and let a few games BOMB now and then, but no, today's gamers buy everything -_-

Tdmd2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

I'd usually agree with you, but not on this one. Yeah, the ending might have been released before the game hits the shelves, but who would want to watch it on the internet instead of watching at your tv after getting there yourself? It's like reading the ending of a book before deciding whether or not to buy it... just doesn't make sense. I, for one, am extremely careful with spoilers on the internet.

T3MPL3TON 2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

It's just being smart with your cash man, I don't hurt for money but if there are 12,000 red flags before I even play the first 2 seconds of a game I'm not going anywhere near it, I'm not gonna throw money at a company that has no qualms about screwing people over and has no qualms about utterly destroying their own game just to meet profit margins. If this was any other company in any other business people would be demanding change faster that you can say 'Go.'

Getowned2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

That really sucks about the ending it's like no matter what you do all your careful planing and making diffrent charaters to have diffrent ending was pointless because no matter what you get the same ending and it feels like every choice was for nothing.

The biggest thing I liked about ME was that it had a intresting plot and all the choices you made changed the game but to have a ending like that nothing matters at all.

In theeee enddd it doesn't even matterrrrr

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