Game Infect: Mass Effect 3 Review

This is Dizzy here from Game Infect with my review of Mass Effect 3! As a HUGE fan of the first 2 games I had high expectations with this third installment. People asked was EA & BIOWARE doing too much with the advertising, and over hyping the game? With the amazing trailers they defiantly set the bar high. I am here to say that this game by far lived up to the hype and by far exceeded my expectations. I love every second of playing this game and the story is way deeper than ever!

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joydestroy2416d ago

this game has so many perfect scores it's ridiculous. not exactly a bad thing, as i think it's well deserved. i haven't paid as much attention to a game as i have this one in a long time. sets the bar very high for the rest of the year but i already know this is my GOTY, just like when ME2 came out.

NukaCola2416d ago

Who knows man. It's early in the year.

I think Mass has definitely delivered. This year looks pretty good. I am also really excited to see how Tomb Raider turns out and been waiting for Last Gaurdian for ever.

joydestroy2416d ago

it is early indeed. i'd rather be wrong about it being my GOTY in hopes that i'll enjoy something more. i'm very interested in the new Tomb Raider as well.