Molyneux slams game controllers as 'tedious and boring'

Peter Molyneux launches a fierce attack on ‘tedious and boring’ game controllers, revealing how he’s ‘sick to death’ of feeling ‘like a lab rat’ by being forced to use them.

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sinncross4108d ago


whatever Moolyneux. I`ve been gaming on a controller since the NES days and I would not change that for anything (cept maybe a kb/m) and there is nothing tedious or boring about them.

ProjectVulcan4108d ago

I find games with abysmal unresponsive basic controls tedious and boring. I find pointless faked tech demos like milo with no real end product tedious and boring. Everyone has an opinion....

closnyc4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

sorry to hear you havent experienced the better controls on the better platform belonging to the master elite race of gamers known as PC. Peter will one day go back to this now that he is out of MS and his true potential will shine, unlike in his console era with the fable series.

Redempteur4108d ago

Well peter gave us "THE HAND" when he made black and white .. so even with a mouse in hand he can manage to make even the simplest of the game design boring so ....

Wolfbiker4108d ago

Yeah cause he didn't have the opportunity to make PC games while with MICROSOFT or fable was on PC and still sucked.

Bigpappy4108d ago

Peter, Peter, Peter. He is good at making average games that add nothing new.

He was great for E3 presentation though. He always left you felling that he was actually going to surprise you. Too bad everyone already read "the boy who cried wolf". His timing was perfect to leave. I think if he did another presentation, there would have been too many tomatoes to clean up and that would ruin E3 this time around. Hopefully M$ gets someone with fresh ideas running Lionhead.

PirateThom4108d ago

That's fine, Peter. You show all the mere mortals how it's done... Fable: The Journey... Oh, Ok.

hennessey864108d ago

The control pad until technology improves greatly which won't happen for at least 15 to twenty years, then maybe we will have something that can match the control pad for ease of use

beastlysensation4108d ago

am pretty sure keyboard and mouse are just a lot better when it comes to speed and accuracy. Sorry, nothing will replace the master elite controls from the master elite race of gamers known as PC.

Liquid_Ocelot4107d ago

-_- how fucking stupid you sound.. you make PC gamers look terrible

torchic4107d ago

I wish I was part of the master elite race of gamers :(

christheredhead4108d ago

Peter Molyneux rather be the controller than use a controller.

yesmynameissumo4108d ago

Is he talking about controllers or his games?

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