GameInformer: Mass Effect 3 Review

Andrew Reiner writes:

"Near the beginning of Mass Effect 3, an emotional scene takes place when Commander Shepard encounters a frightened boy on Earth. A feeling of hopelessness pervades the encounter; Shepard can’t do anything to help, and the child knows it. The galaxy didn’t prepare for the Reaper invasion, and defeat seems inevitable. The scribes at BioWare never abandon this tone throughout Mass Effect 3, leading to a dark story that beats mercilessly to the pulse of war and the death it delivers."

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slimy the g8ter4524d ago

Bioware you cannot make third person shooters, it's a shame how much mass effect plays like a crappy gears of war.the story is what saves this game for me tho. Seeing how much the gameplay has evolved for the worst, I'd say it deserves a 9.5. I'll get all 3 when I can for a epic all nightie lol

strange19864524d ago

You think the gameplay sucks, therefore you give it a 9.5? Uh, what?

slimy the g8ter4524d ago

Wtf disagrees. Biodrones strike again lol

I have played mass effect 1 and 2 multiple times each gt:XxBaKtothelabxX

Legionaire20054524d ago

WOW a 10/10,by the way hope I made the right the decisions in Mass Effect 1 and 2 LOL!!! I did many things right, and I save all my crew from the collectors.I said screw it to Illusive Man about the Reaper ship. Why would I need that when I have the Geth and the Rachni on my side(the Rachni will sing if you know what I mean). Liara is my love interest, and I like the Shadow Broker Mission I did with her. Best mission in the game, next to the suicide mission. Heck I even scan all the Keepers and guess what they are as old as the Reapers!!! Yes I am not lying!!! read your emails if you did the side quest. I would like to see another trilogy done in the future for this fanchise. transfering in your game data over to Mass Effect sequels is a brilliant idea. Very few games do that, but none as deep as Mass Effect 3.

portugamer4524d ago

To the comment above, I'm playing me2 and now I know geth will be by our sides.

Need to take care when reading me3 reviews, I see.

OmegaSaiyanX4524d ago

If the Rachni come back as I saved the queen in the first one :-)

gamer78044524d ago

Judging by cumulative reviews for the Mass Effect trilogy, it is the most important series this generation, nice job Bioware!

ilovemyps34523d ago

Only a 12 yo virgin little boy, who cant play me3 because its a game with adult choices and because all his friendzzz playzz c4ll of duty, which daddy offered him, could disagree with your comment.

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anast141d ago

He was one of my least favorite characters. I wish they would have done the Proths different.


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