Skyrim Is Proof That Mods Are Better than DLC

Softpedia: Todd Howard, who is one of the leading developers working on the Bethesda developed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has stated that he prefers mods over downloadable content when it comes to video games and would like to see more companies release tools that help the game community to create new content.

Speaking to the X-Play show on G4, the developer says that Bethesda directly benefits from the launch of complex modding tools because players are taking another look at their games when community-made content is launched and this leads to increased sales even years after the initial release date.

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lastdual2541d ago

Mods are great and definitely add to the value of games like TES, but that said, if Skyrim's DLC is similar in scope to Shivering Isles, I'll be very eager to get my hands on it....

NovusTerminus2541d ago

Skyrim is proof that they don't hire testers at Bethesda games.

Lord_Sloth2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

*counts all the different nude mods*

Erm...I'm not disputing that but...

Ninjamonkey822541d ago

Not a thing wrong with the nude mods :)

TridentSlayer2541d ago

I like both...but that's just me =)