[GAMINGtruth] Hardware Review: AOC 23″ e2352Phz LED 3D Monitor

GAMINGtruth reviews the AOC 23" e2352 3D monitor for PC. AOC delivers a quality 3D monitor without the eye strain.

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guitar_nerd_232545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

This review is misleading in regardless to polarising 3d tech.

Firstly when you view in 3d on a screen like this your halfing the resolution- it's NOT fullHD in 3d.

Secondly polarised 3d causes horrible horizonal interlacing effects and suffers a TERRIBLE viewing angle.

The reason this isn't the case in the cinema is they normally have a seperate projector for each eye.

CGI-Quality2544d ago

Wonder how this fairs against the PlayStation 3D Display.

Sucitta2544d ago

guitar nerd is dead wrong. its since been proven that the brain fuzes the 540 lines of resolution together, so really, your still seeing 1080p, or the brain is tricking you.

either way don't listen to his nonsense. head on down to future shop and or best buy and try on a LG LED passive vs the best most expensive active shutter tv and judge for yourself.

active shutter = eye strain, flicker and dull image..

NEVER listen to the opinion of anyone with a number in their avatar\gamertag\username. its always wrong..

guitar_nerd_232539d ago

You clearly haven't grasped the difference between an interlaced and progressive resolution.

Whatever dude, your problem.

Never listen to the opinion of someone who attacks anothers username to try and get their point across.

You didn't even have the balls to reply to my comment so I could defend my argument.