Incoming Mass Effect 3 ENBSeries Mod; new screenshots from the latest ENBSeries Mod of Skyrim

DSOGaming writes: "Mass Effect fans, get ready for a treat. Boris Vorontsov, creator of the famous ENBSeries mod, will create one for Mass Effect 3."

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MrGunny942545d ago

ENB series should be contracted...

F7U122544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

ME3 supports mods? did not know that. just installed ENB mod for skyrim *squeal* I'm off to go play.

DeadlyFire2544d ago

PC edition of anything can have mods. Supported or not.

Red_eyes_Gremlin2544d ago

It actually start to look kinda cool in its own ENB series way.

May install Skyrim again to test it out when they have done some more tweaks with it :)

john22544d ago

For those interested, that chick is with the Aya Hirano face mod ;)

ninjahunter2544d ago

T_T ENB Y U NO Work with my optimus setup?!

TronEOL2543d ago

Wow, seriously? How about he just puts those other projects on hold, and gets to that Mass Effect 3 ENBmod?

If there was one thing I wasn't a fan of with Mass Effect, it was that it never really pushed any boundaries graphically. So hopefully this ENBseries mod will give it that "pop" that the Mass Effect universe deserves.