Games Get Boring Too Fast: Preventing Burnout

Gamers Nexus: "Members of the Gamers Nexus team will unanimously agree on one thing: We get bored of games faster than companies can make them. It's a problem we've opted to call "game burnout," and has side effects of empty wallets, rivers tears, and wasted gigabytes. Thought Skyrim was good? Twenty hours was enough for me. Liked Battlefield 3? Eh, it was all the same after eighteen hours."

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5yN4MWQU3988d ago

Games used to be a lot more interesting to me. I was able to figure out what made me get bored of them in the first place: I was grinding quests and trying to "win" every game. This guide really helped me figure out how to make my games last longer.

arcsoft3988d ago

This definitely speaks to me. I lost interest in Skyrim after about 30 hours but I'm gradually getting back into it by wandering places.

It's kind of fun to go wherever you want and see where you end up on the map.

Velox3988d ago

Evry game is soooo repetitive these days. Kill the thing that's marked with a quest marker on the map , turn it in , repeat

Marquis_de_Sade3986d ago

"Evry game is soooo repetitive these days"

Are you implying older games aren't repetitive? If so, that's laughable.

5yN4MWQU3988d ago

Agreed! I gave up on the quests (I felt overwhelmed by the quest log) and started getting more into my character from an RP perspective. It is a role-playing game, after all. :)

kza3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Get a job lol then games last abit longer befor we get bored

Hicken3988d ago

Having a job is irrelevant. When we were kids, we had school and who knows what else. Still, we didn't get bored with games as often: we could put 200 hours in Final Fantasy or play Zone of the Enders seven times.

Now, even with jobs and other responsibilities taking the place of school, games just don't hold a person's attention span for as long. Well, most of em, anyway.

5yN4MWQU3988d ago

@KZA: My average work week is 50 hours. I spend the rest of my time writing articles and playing games. Having a job, as Hicken stated so well, is not relevant.

It's a matter of design and repetition.

KZA is obviously just flamebaiting.

TheSanchezDavid3988d ago

I actually have an issue with some games where I tend to switch to something else after I've already invested some time into one game. I think that's because I'm such a huge indie game fan, though, so I'm used to playing smaller games. Still, I recently started playing inFamous for the first time, and it's kept me entertained for several hours, and I actually plan on finishing it without moving on to something else mid-game.

Voxelman3988d ago

You could always just play something different, try a new genre etc. Most gamers will have a few genres they play and get really good at etc, that leads to boredom go out and play something in a genre you haven't played before.

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The story is too old to be commented.