IGN: Mass Effect 3 Mars mission combat gameplay video

Gameplay from mars mission in mass effect 3

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megaworm254053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

hurry up march

Nozzle4053d ago

Wow seeing him reload in that futuristic setting and gun looks rdiculous.....I hate thermal clips.

Why didn't they let you have the option of which gun type to have.

If your a soldier who likes to go in guns blazing then you can pick thermal clips

If your a biotic who likes to rely on them and your team mates, you can choose cool down....have to wait for them to cool down but you do get unlimited ammo.

I just thought the game was about choices...

FrightfulActions4053d ago

According to the lore, you can thank the dang heretic geth that attacked in the first game for the galatic thermal-clip standard becoming the norm.

I would had also liked to see at least one "old fashion" gun in ME2, one that didn't rely on thermal clips. ME3 might have something similar, but I doubt it. I imagine Zaeed's "Jessie" rifle is such a gun, due to its age. Thermal clips are fairly new, being only around 2 years old.

As for your "if you're a biotic..." statement, I think it's possible that there will be something that you will like, then, in ME3. I obviously haven't played it yet, but I did play the demo. The multiplayer handles guns in a rather interesting way. The more guns you carry, or rather, the heavier the guns, the more reduction it takes on your recharge speed for powers. So if you were to opt to carry only one pistol, your recharge rate could be like 200 percent higher, enabling you to use powers at a fantastic rate.

I believe its very likely something like this will be in the singleplayer, so if you are a biotic and would like to rely more on your powers, you could, in theory at least, carry a single weapon to reduce weight and thus be able to cast powers more often. It's not exactly what you were asking for, but it should be a nice option for a biotic, no?

lzim4053d ago


But then they still use that ridiculous floating biotic power.. Sigh.

Blacktric4052d ago

You actually did realize that everyone on the planet could walk and run at normal pace right? This means the colonization process on Mars probably had gravity adjustments to the planet to make it more like Earth, thus more habitable.

lzim4052d ago

right of course.. gravity adjustment like inflating Mars' mass to match the Earth's mass and everyone+thing's weight.


Blacktric4052d ago

So let me get this straight. You're believing how Mass Relays are acting like rail guns that makes spacecraft reach FTL speeds easily but not the possibility of gravity adjustors? Okay... Because that's what I thought fiction in science fiction meant...