Is Mass Effect 3′s From Ashes DLC Really That Wrong?

Mass Effect fans are outraged at the content and release plan for the recently leaked From Ashes DLC, but is it really that bad? Ben, from StickTwiddlers looks at the facts and comments from Bioware.

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OmegaSaiyanX3359d ago

IMO if a developer has DLC already made especially even before the official release of the game then its something that should have come on the disc, either way they are owned by EA and EA have a track record of releasing tons of DLC before games even come out.

In most cases EA's DLC is already on the disc and you pay to unlock it which is beyond a joke to be honest.

I think day 1 DLC like this should be free for everyone because even if the developers use the excuse 'we decided to do it after the game went into production' then it should be free.

I am guessing they cut a lot of content out and will just sell it at a premium, I rather have more of a single player experience with RPG's than stupid idiotic online modes that EA is slapping on ALL of their games such games like Dead Space 2 I mean why??

tmoss7263359d ago

Because EA doesn't care about consumers.

Blacktric3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Sadly, the day 1 release of such an important cut content isn't the real issue here. The issue is that there are tons of people on Bioware forums that are fully supporting this. Some idiot even said that Bioware didn't need to release this DLC since it was a Collector's Edition exclusive yet they did and we should be thanking for them. I mean can you believe the crap these people spew? Trying to justify a pathetic behaviour as this. James Vega and Diana Allers is in the retail game. But a squadmate who's a member of a species that's been extinct from the galaxy for 50.000 years and has an important place in the Mass Effect lore, is a 10 dollar day 1 DLC. And people are supporting this...

SilentNegotiator3359d ago

It's releasing on the same day as the game.

If they were able to get it okay'd for Xbox LIVE and PSN, then they really should have had time to have it put on to the gold copy of the game.

And here's a little problem: If it IS a major part of the plot....we're losing that part of the plot unless we pony up a total of SEVENTY dollars. If it is NOT a major part of the plot, then why is it $10?

Why would I want to pay $10 for a side-story, and if it's important, why isn't it included in the game?

Plain and simple, they're screwing us. Between day 1 DLC, the pass, resources spent on multiplayer, being lied to about certain features and reasoning.....why support these people? We've met the epitome of everything wrong with modern gaming, and people are apologizing? People are saying that they can't pass up ONE GAME to make a stand?

My fellow gamers, where does it end? What do we put up with to play one game- PAY for one game ($60+)?

hay3358d ago

Just wait for GOTY/Complete Edition. ME3 releases during Black March, more reasons to protest with your hard earned money.

BDSE3359d ago

Sony and Microsoft require developers to have details plans of their DLC when then go through the licensing process for the game.

TruthSeeker3359d ago

Wow, i dont see the point in complaining about it. They're not gonna change it and at the end of the day , they are a bussiness and theyll do whatever they can to get money. If your a huge Mass Effect fan, like me, youll fork out the cash to get it, if not , your loss. Ive bought up every singe piece of ME DLC since the first game.

360degrees3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

In the most rudimentary words I can conjure, Financially and from a purely business oriented standpoint, No it's far from wrong. Actually it's very right in terms of profit. However, if one were to look at it from a longtime fans perspective, who has vested deep into the series not just with previous time and money, but more in terms of being emotionally connected resulting in an entitled heir of free content,..then Yes it is wrong. Simple

upallnightgamer3359d ago

Actually, if you're a long-time fan and have bought all the DLC from the start, then it won't matter to you, because you know the quality for which BioWare is known will be present and therefore justified for the price.

zgoldenlionz3359d ago

Very true, I'm a sucker for mass effect DLC I end up getting it all and that's why I ordered the CE. Might as well get some crap to throw away with my day 1DLC lol!

ginsunuva3359d ago

10 dollars (1/6 of the game's price) for one dude?!

RedDead3359d ago

That one dude is also a member of a supposedly extinct race. Which should add alot of backround to the main story. It almost sounds essential to the story. That's why it's DLC ;)

Moebius693359d ago

If it's essential to the story it should of been in the game not DLC

upallnightgamer3359d ago

No, it's one guy, his mission to Eden Prime, the weapon you'll get, and extra costumes for everyone. That's more than worth $10.

KaBaW3359d ago

No it's not. It'll only be worth it, if the mission is long enough..
You can buy some (arcade) games for less than $10, and have more content.

jthamind3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

i read the article. at one point he says this: "I personally think that people are putting way too much faith into how integral to the overall Mass Effect end-game this DLC is going to be."

and this: "This new demographic isn’t as bothered about the lore and are more into the new combat focus, furthered by the inclusion of a multiplayer."

but that's beside the point, because of what he previously said: "I agree that day one DLC and only making it available to those that buy the Colllector’s Edition is wrong."

whether it turns out to be great DLC or a worthless addition, the bottom line is that we're being cheated out of content that's ready at launch and ties into the Mass Effect universe. and even the people buying the CE don't get it for free, because you're still paying extra for the CE.

also, i don't buy this explanation: “It takes about 3 months from “content complete” to bug-fix, certify, manufacture, and ship game discs. In that time we work on DLC. On ME3, content creators completed the game in January and moved onto the From Ashes DLC.”

is that true? maybe so. i wouldn't know. but that doesn't mean they have to charge us for more of the game DAY ONE. DLC should, as it's pointed out somewhere in the article, extend the life cycle of the game. you're not extending the life cycle of the game by ripping us off for $10 more, on top of the $60 we already paid, by releasing something day one.

unfortunately, i'm such a huge Mass Effect fan that i'll most likely be getting the game day one anyways and buying any DLC that adds more characters and/or missions. but the bottom line is that from a consumer standpoint, which matters a lot more than any articles or dev/pub standpoint, stuff like this really sucks.

StickTwiddlers3359d ago

And as I said right at the bottom: "Putting a rather prominent character as DLC made available to those who purchase the collectors edition or have 10 bucks is a bit of a harsh move for those who can’t afford it. Instead, making this content available to all those who purchase the game new, as they did with the Cerberus access for ME2, would be much better but obviously less profitable."

Regarding people buying the CE not getting it for free, the bonus character has always been advertised as well as the 70 page art book, fabric patch, lithogrpahic print, whole load of DLC, digital soundtrack, Normandy avatar prop and metal case for an additional 20 bucks is pretty damn amazing. Especially when you consider the collectors editions who charge the same or more & don't include any physical bonuses.

A lot of DLC is ready at launch and then released further down the line. The reason Bioware have given for making it day one is that they wanted players to experience it from the get-go as opposed to 30-60 days down the line.

What it sounds like your saying is that if this DLC was released post-launch, but still free to CE buyers but paid for everyone else, everyone would be less annoyed than they are as it currently stands.

antz11043359d ago

Actually the bonus character was advertised, then removed, then added once again AFTER the CE's had sold out.

I know several people who dropped the CE once the character was removed, only to have it put on again yet now they couldn't upgrade their order.

Thats pretty bad on the companies part.

KaBaW3359d ago

"The reason Bioware have given for making it day one is that they wanted players to experience it from the get-go as opposed to 30-60 days down the line."
That is a piss poor reason. If they wanted us to experience it from the get-go..
It would be on the freaking disc, from when we purchased the game..? x_x

MasterD9193359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Many will beat ME3 prior to any DLC coming out. Some players when finished with this game and given the amount of grief they are giving it probably won't even touch the DLC or this game again. Therefore, I can't seem to understand what the big deal is here. A Prothean member is clearly unnecessary...and is an add-on.

Zaeed and Kasumi in ME2 were too and when added in they brought a little bit more to the game but nothing substantial. The DLC for this game will be for the main story which many will have been finished with by the time any DLC releases.

m233359d ago

I went through ME2 like 4 times, I'll probably be replaying this one a few times too. You can still play DLC after you beat the game.

MasterD9193359d ago

I was speaking more to those who won't enjoy this game but are complaining about future DLC packs which they probably won't even buy or end up playing after beating the main story.

I too will be playing through this game multiple times like I have with ME1 and ME2.

Not all players will be able to just go into the DLC after they beat their campaign. Some will have to load from points prior if things go south for Shepard in their game. Unless they are going forward with continuation DLC outside of character but I haven't seen that confirmed.

OC_MurphysLaw3359d ago

@MasterD919 you do realize that this DLC is Day 1 DLC right? So it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to have beaten the game before this DLC comes out.

MasterD9193359d ago

DLC is optional. End of story.

OC_MurphysLaw3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

@MasterD919 yes it is optional. Just like sugar and creamer are optional for coffee but how miffed would you be if the waitress said to you its extra for sugar or milk after you bought the cup of coffee.

This DLC isn't just a character its a mission too.. it all comes out on Day 1 and from all reports its a pretty big/important to the story line peice of DLC. This wasn't advertised on any retailer sites... the only place you can find mention of it being in the N7 edition is on EA's site.

I realize you may not care cause you bought the N7 edition....good for you. BUT more than anything this is a very dangerous rabbit hole EA has just taken us down. ME3 at launch for the full game isn't $60...its $70. Worse yet is that EA is doing this price jack totally under the radar with the mask of DLC...but the truth of the matter is ME3 is a $70 game if you want the "entire" game that they are offering on day 1. It's not $60 as they have lead many to believe.

jrbeerman113359d ago

Don't buy it. Reason everyone is complaining, is that they cannot pass on it.

Everyone would be happier if this just flat out didn't exist.

I'm not making excuses for EA, im just kind of sick of all the hypocrites complaining and then still buying it.

Also... this could be the best game you ever played, but all you will think about is what you DIDNT get instead of what you did.

I am not buying the DLC, unless i feel like the final product is good enough to pay for more content, same way i treat every game.

antz11043359d ago

"A Prothean member is clearly unnecessary...and is an add-on."

Lmao,really? You seriously believe that? Because they have nothing at all to do with a major plot point, right?

Pintheshadows3359d ago

As far as i'm concerned that is massive.

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