Mass Effect 3: Space Edition Landing Zone Predictions

Mass Effect 3 will be the first console game launched into Earth’s upper atmosphere on a weather balloon on February 23rd from San Francisco and then a subsequent city around the world for 6 more days.

Using calculations based on weather patterns the trajectory and landing point of a weather balloon can be predicted.

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You cared enough not only to post a comment but to actually link that "funny" along with it....

You're doing it wrong.

Solid_Snake373358d ago

Damn, a single copy must be worth thousands of dollars

Ocelot5253358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

spoiled brat

Double_O_Revan3358d ago

So 2 of the 6 are expected to land in the ocean, with another coming close. Great choice for launch sites.

OC_MurphysLaw3358d ago

even worse.. only 6 copies? Don't go out on too much of a limb there EA. lol

krazykombatant3358d ago

yeah the one for london goes waaayy out. If someone really wants it they're going to have to go waaaayyy out of their way to try and find it.