Playstation VITA Store revamped with embedded in-game Screenshots of Games

With every successive Playstation Store update Sony have been introducing something new leading to the Launch of Playstation Vita.

Here is an interesting addition to the already cool PSN Store design. Now Sony have included a Few in-game Screenshots in the Description tab of a particular PS Vita game.

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geniusgamerdoc3365d ago

Definitely a Smart move which actually increases the aesthetic value as well as ease of Navigation while choosing to buy a Game cutting short an extra step to have a gander at the Screenshots.

fluffydelusions3365d ago

I hope PSV gets custom theme support as well.

darthv723365d ago

Id like to see them add in simple gameplay videos as well. Not where you have to download them but just watch simple streams of 30 seconds or so of what it would look like.

There are some ps3 games on the store that have a "preview" but I think there should be more. Especially when it comes to vita games. Im sure people can just go to youtube to see that but shouldnt that be something the store has too?

WitWolfy3364d ago

@darth, I agree nothing is more irritating than choosing a game by star ratings. Come on Sony add some screen shots AT LEAST!

Snookies123365d ago

Yeah, I was talking about this for a while. The PS3's Japanese PSN gets screenshots for their games in the descriptions, so I was wondering why we don't. Glad we're at least getting that for the Vita store. ^^

geniusgamerdoc3365d ago

I never Knew Japanese Store had Screenshots on the Store..

On the Jap Store, were the Screenshots only for the PS3 games or also the PSP and Vita games?

Snookies123365d ago

I believe they were for PSP and Vita games as well, I'm not sure... I mainly went on there for PS3 demos haha.

farhad2k83365d ago

Anyone else get in on the Uncharted misprice?
£0.79 for the FULL GAME! About 2 hours ago. They've fixed it now. I hope Sony don't get rid of it :(

StanSmith3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Yeah i got it. I wasn't planning on purchasing a Vita, but if Sony let me keep Uncharted for 79p then i will definitely be purchasing one. I'm just waiting to see what happens now.

KillerPwned3365d ago

It is about damn time they do this...Now just do it with the PS3 store.

Blaine3365d ago

Yup, they should have done this a long time ago!

It's not easy to commit to a purchase if you know nothing about a product... I always go online and watch some videos, maybe read some reviews. But I'm sure the majority of people don't bother doing that and just don't buy the game instead.

Having simple things like screens and video previews will help sales.

smashcrashbash3364d ago

Ummm.... I could be wrong but I think the PSN store does have video previews. I have looked at a few of them myself.

Blaine3364d ago

I've never seen that option. But then again, I've never even had the comics store for PSP either. Could it be because I'm in NA/ Canada/ Quebec?

InklingGirl3365d ago

Be nice to see that feature on American PS3's.

BitbyDeath3365d ago

Disagree, all PS3's would be better

svoulis3365d ago


Press the PS button and start to take screen shots...

Once again..

PS button and start at the same time...


geniusgamerdoc3365d ago


Double Check whether the Charge pin is inserted to the Vita with PS logo facing Upwards.
Inserting it in the wrong way will still snugly fit but fails to Charge the Battery at all.

svoulis3365d ago

Yeah it worries me a bit, did you see how thin the port is inside..scary stuff

illmatic3365d ago

i hope this update comes to the actual Vita. I have been wanting this since day 1. *crosses fingers*

solidt123364d ago

They already put the store update on the Indian store. Im on my Vita now and i keep checking but no US update yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.