Are video-game ads pointless?

Recently, a stunning Mass Effect 3 commercial debuted during an episode of The Walking Dead. But did it covince anyone to buy the game?

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THR1LLHOUSE2435d ago

I think a lot of it is about building hype. Sure, I may know ME3 is coming, but after seeing that awesome trailer maybe now I'm more fully ready to throw my money at them on day one.

I mean, they *can't* be pointless if EA is willing to spend all that money on a really nice CG trailer in a really solid time slot, right?

Ares84HU2434d ago

I think people now got to a point where they totally miss the idea of a commercial or advertisement.

It's not really about showing people who already know what it is but it's about gaining new audience and potentially new costumers as well.

Companies advertise to let as much people know about their products as possible so more and more people will buy the products. If they keep pushing stuff in your face you are more inclined to purchase as opposed to not showing it as much as they can. It's an investment in the hope of larger future profits.

Where did we get to this point where we have no clue why companies advertise????

It is perfectly possible that there are gamers out there who don't follow gaming news just go to stores to check out what's new there and buy the newest game on the shelf. I know this is a fact because I used to be one of those people. I started reading gaming news online when the PS3 came out. Before that I just walked into a store to check out what they have.

I am amazed by this article.

crxss2434d ago

@ares84hu agreed.

no, videogame ads are not pointless. EA/Bioware saw The Walking Dead's audience as a target for potential sales. their ad obviously wont affect 100% of TWD's audience but it manages to put the game in the minds of many of the viewers. the author's father will not pick the game up because he isn't apart of the main target EA/Bioware is attempting to target. he's apart of the smaller percentage of TWD viewers who could care less about videogames.

not every gamer is a hardcore gamer (which this article fails to realize). most gamers are completely unaware of the mass effect series and the ad helps those gamers aware of their product and might eventually pick up ME3 (which they obviously should regardless of how much they play).

most gamers who check N4G or BitMob are probably hardcore gamers. you'll never see a commercial of the critically acclaimed Mass Effect series in the ad section on here because most of us already have an intention of purchasing it. EA/Bioware can tell based on the TEMP° of the articles on here as well. you'll only see ads of games or systems that are not selling well due to lack of hardcore gaming support... yea i'm talking about you Nintendo 3DS ads. plus news articles are ads in itself.

it's really quite elementary...

ATi_Elite2434d ago

Yes when they are a bunch of CGI crap that doesn't show real-time game play.

Show your game people.

Lazy_Sunday2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

The example makes no sense. If it was for a bigger TV show then it would, but any exposure is great for a game. Not that I'm discounting The Walking Dead--The Walking Dead is awesome, but it doesn't have the fanbase it deserves.
Video-game ads work when they get enough coverage. The big problem with video games is that they seldom don't get enough media exposure. Remember how Deus Ex and LA Noire did well, despite their odd premises and very different approaches to gameplay? Well they got a lot of exposure--Hulu, TV, side banners, they owned it, and that helped them in the end.

THR1LLHOUSE2434d ago

I think you're discounting how big of a TV Show Walking Dead really is. Didn't the premiere a couple weeks ago break some kind of ratings record?

Lazy_Sunday2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Read my comment all the way through.
All the way. Maybe to the word 'discounting.'
See anything familiar?
It shattered a 18-49 male record and basic cable drama record, and yes, I think it deserves more attention. Are people talking about the Walking Dead like Twilight or Harry Potter? No, they're not. Every episode of that show is like a movie, I honestly think the show deserves more than a couple of shattered cable records (which it has).

Anon19742434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

It swayed me. I have to admit, I haven't played the Mass Effect games (despite being a gamer, and an Edmontonian). I saw that ad during the walking dead and I loved it. I didn't even know what the hell was going on but it made me want to play that game.
I'm planning on picking up Mass Effect 2 soon for a bit of back story and then, if that goes well, ME3.

I've always been a bit on the fence about Mass Effect as I've never been a fan of space rpg's - but that ad was the tipping point for me. I've since sought it out and watched it a few more times on Youtube. The only thing that makes me laugh is the "Better with Kinect!" at the end. Yeah, no. How about I keep my $150 and instead of reading conversation choices to the screen (and I'm sure sighing in frustration when Kinect doesn't understand) I just hit a button on the choice I want like I've been doing the past 30 years. Thanks.

Also, to the guy saying the Walking Dead doesn't have the fanbase it deserves - SouthSideSam is bang on. That show is huge. The last one that aired on Sunday was the largest audience for an episode of a cable series ever recorded, breaking the previous record it already held for the season 2 premier back in October.

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sonicsidewinder2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

They succeed only in annoying me, when they're thrown up in my face without me asking for it.

GarandShooter2434d ago

You sometimes ask to be shown commercials?

sonicsidewinder2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

More refering to those pop-up style ads where you gotta click close. (which only happened a minute ago with a 'The Last Story' pop up)

Now, is the ME3 tv add pointless? I guess not, as it excites the minds of folk who find bioware's story-telling riveting and original.

dark-hollow2434d ago

Is that the reapers in London?

doctorstrange2434d ago

It's the reapers in what's left of London

Ascalon942434d ago

I was planning on getting ME3, but after watching that trailer and playing the demo, I'm picking that up day one.

Starbucks_Fan2434d ago

Not really. I'm sure it helped mainstream games like BF3 and Zelda SS

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