Could multiplayer be Mass Effect 3's saving grace?

Nightmare Mode takes a long look at Mass Effect 3's multiplayer demo, and comes away very, very impressed with how much it doesn't disappoint. In fact, they're willing to say it was by far the standout portion of the whole demo.

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beastlysensation3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

unfortunately is the only saving grace it has as of right now. That demo was atrocious in every single way and an insult to pc gamers with low res textures, atrocious FOV and many more flaws such as bad animations and bad graphics that are really showing the engines age. MP was a lot of fun, it is done right with the right balance and when you play with friends it can get tense and teamwork and communication are needed. Action mode is hilarious btw, and rpg mode is a slap to the face to the fans of the first one.

Fylus3337d ago

From what I've played from it so far... Hell. Yes.

I have to be honest, I missed out on the others in the series but this demo has definitely convinced me into buying this game day one.

MidNite3337d ago

The first two were amazing without MP its just a free extra that I cannot wait to play with friends.

hudsoniscool3337d ago

i loved the singleplayer demo. cant wait to beat the game on insanity, then again 2 more times at least. the multiplayer is fun but all it going to do for me is make a 97/100 game a 98/100.

gamer78043336d ago

Saving grace? I think the term you are looking for is icing on the cake.

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