How They Came Up With Skyrim’s ‘Arrow In The Knee’ Line

The big video game joke of 2011—and certainly the most repeated line—came from Skyrim, a game populated by guards who used to be adventurers, just like you, before they "took an arrow in the knee." Sorry if you thought you were done with that line. Can you tolerate it one more time, just to learn why it's in the game?

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rezzah3365d ago

Never knew that because I never played the game. Always wondered where it came from.

MAJ0R3365d ago

Well I didn't even know that it was an meme until every other comment on youtube was mentioning it.

Summons753365d ago

that was annoying for those 2 weeks, that line isn't even remotely funny or interesting.

MidnytRain3365d ago

^^I'm sure it was amusing to the people who heard it in the game before finding it online.

Tonester9253365d ago


It wasn't amusing nor funny.

Its just because ever guard says the line. So I guess they thought that it would be funny in the real world.

It wasn't even funny in the game!

MidnytRain3364d ago

^^You're not speaking for the people who thought it was amusing and funny are you? Because that would make you a liar.

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Pushagree3365d ago


ChrisW3365d ago ShowReplies(1)
user77927883365d ago

I hate family guy...such a stupid show

Bereaver3365d ago

A guy named "poopinmymouth" is commenting and how family guys is a stupid show.

~Signed Captain Obvious

Kurt Russell3365d ago

I am Kurt Russell and I say it is crap.

*random location* *random celebrity* *fight* - joke done.

Pushagree3365d ago

Oh look ad hominem strikes again.

Doesnt matter what is name is. Family Guy has and always will suck.

TeaDouble_E3365d ago

I agree, it was cancelled for being stupid. Then later it was revived cause people liked it for being stupid and having no point. Its a show that has plugs of other shows and products, it tries to make fun of them while tie in its meaningless story. Its brainwash product placement for idiots.

Bereaver3365d ago

Sounds like Southpark as well.

smithdown3365d ago

Family Guy was brilliantly subversive for its first 3-4 series, there was simply nothing else like it. The Simpsons had a similar spirit but wasn't as cutting or dark. Both shows have declined in recent years, though I would still rather watch a new FG over Simpsons any day. And it's not 'product placement', its just referencing popular culture. A helluva lot of shows do that. Though FG is very US-focused which means it suffers a bit overseas - I'm British and am sometimes left clueless.

HenryFord3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Well... I think that is a little harsh. Okay, Seth McFarlane is long done with producing good shows - American Dad is still enjoyable (at times), but Family Guy got worse and worse throughout the series (and it was never that great to begin with) and The Cleveland Show? Really Seth?
However - FG isn't intended for stupid kids or for people who enjoy stupid jokes: It is a show specifically designed to cater to the needs of stoners. I myself can only watch FG while I'm under influence, I can't do that sober.
Your comment wasn't harsh after all - got that wrong ;)

SouthPark is a whole different story...
They generally have a story that matters and they are mocking pop culture through their story, not through some set-up or irrelevant jokes. They do not tie in the story with the jokes, the jokes tie in with the story. Also: Southpark generally does not contain plugs of other shows/products but it mocks (pop-)culture through broad approaches.

YogiBear3365d ago

Bereaver I apologize for how clueless you are about good tv. I will put it in simpleton terms for you. Family Guy=Shit Sandwich. South Park=Filet Mignon.

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sikbeta3365d ago

Seth Macfarlane is the best and his shows are great, deal with it


Family Guy was great for the first 4 seasons. They've completely changed all the characters in the newer season to cater to the "lol so randumb" humor, and the show fell with it. Seth MacFarlane doesnt even write for FG aymore, he himself has said it should have been cancelled after the 7th season.

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TXIDarkAvenger3365d ago

Glad these jokes are over and not told too often...

Seriously, its annoying how people use this joke when they don't play Skyrim and even worse don't know where the joke came from.

Young_ART3365d ago

its crazy how a line that had really no signifigance to the story or game in general blew up like that,to the point where people who dont even play video games, let alone skyrim, were saying it..

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