Too Human Blog: A God Amongst Men - Berserker Video

Too Human director Denis Dyack writes:

"This will be the last Too Human blog of the year, and I thought it was a good opportunity to show you where we are. We are currently polishing and balancing, and making sure all the systems are working as we envisioned them.

When we first envisioned Baldur as a cybernetic god, one of the key goals was to make the player feel powerful and literally like 'a god amongst men' in combat. In Too Human, you can customize your character from a variety of classes, alignments and specializations. Rather than talk about any of these specifically, I thought I would simply show one of my favorite character set-ups in the following video: The Berserker."

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TheXgamerLive4731d ago

looks like 60 fps. Very sweet, I can't wait for this game!!!!!!

sonarus4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

i dnt mean to troll or be an xbox hater but that video was quite unimpressive in my opinion. Maybe cus i am jst not interested in the game but was extremely unimpressed. Might not be the game maybe the guy playing but the guy did nothing cool. Just sliding back and forth slashing the things. Didnt pull off any cool combos didnt do nothing. And that video does not look 60fps dosent even look as smooth as hsword and that was 30fps. 60fps would be like ninja gaiden.

Everything i said was IMO. Its an action rpg game but i wanted to see more action maybe a cool combo of some sort not saying the game wnt have cool combos am jst saying this video is lame for not doing anything cool. I also stated the game does not look like 60fps whether or not it looks smoother than hsword is open to debate but it simply dosent look like 60fps to me. I really dnt care how many ppl disagree but i will always voice my opinion

uxo224731d ago

um thinking you DID mean to troll and DID mean to hate. Cause, you did it too easily. Man up and call it what it is.

green4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

This game keeps getting better and better each time .Framerate was my biggest concern but this video shows thing i had absolutely nothing to worry about.

All we need now is a release date.

BIoodmask4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

There is a lot more to it than just action though. It has a lot of RPG type elements and also has an interesting storyline based on Norse Mythology. The characters are also highly upgradeable. You can create many types of characters to give it a lot of replay value.

These are some good videos that show the other aspects.

TheXgamerLive4731d ago

I'm seriously thinking of taking off 3 vacation days as soon I find out the official release date just so I can stay home and play this soon to be classic. This games gonna go crazy on us all, I can feel it.

A true action adventure/RPG game for the ages. I hope Too Human II & III make it out in time for the Xbox 360 as previously mentioned.


Good stuff Bloodmask. Bubbles up.

Keowrath4731d ago

Your videos are a lot better than the original video. The game looks pretty damn cool. As Sonarus said. The original video looked pretty unimpressive but after seeing the 2 you just posted up, it looks sweet.

Nice find. I wanted to know a bit more about the character creation and your 2nd vid has a bit of what's gonna be involved.

Dr Pepper4731d ago

Looks like there will be some big encounters. Imagine that scenario but with three others on co-op! Looks like fun so far, I just wish I knew when to expect it.

sonarus4731d ago

coop is the only thing i see saving this game from mediocrity

Dr Pepper4731d ago


Well I find this game to be interesting in the way that it combines futuristic ideas (the technology, robots, cyborgs, etc) with old mythology. I also can't wait to see the RPG elements in this action game and your character carrying over to the next game (I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere). I'm also looking forward to the co-op, but I don't think that's the only interesting feature.


DP you like this one too ? Yeah, I'm down with this one & have been ever since they announced the online co-op & online MP = it should be like a console MMO right ? Anyway, looks great, obviously running smoothly, can't wait.

Dr Pepper4731d ago

Yep, looking forward to this one as well Blackjack! I only wish they would come out with a firm release date...

Keowrath4731d ago

Has it been confirmed 4 player co-op? (and splitscreen) Damn! That'd be awesome if true!

Alpha_Gamer4731d ago

Dude, you can`t play it, we can and your jealous. Please, let us talk about this awsome game and take your trolling elsewhere.

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