The wild story behind a free Xbox One game Microsoft announced at E3

A happy ending for the definition of a beleaguered game.

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2ndhandcorn739d ago

Great game apart from death animation.

Spenok738d ago

I still can't believe Bioware said this about ME2... ugh.

UnHoly_One738d ago

I still don't get why people had such an issue with the Valkyrie death sequence.

I think if you time it, it's around 20 seconds.

There are plenty of games that make you stare at a static load screen for 20 seconds when you die.

I'm not saying it was the best thing ever and I totally loved it, but I think it was just one of those things that people piled onto.

darthv72739d ago

too human still holds up pretty well today. I liked the concept of it.

Bourne414739d ago

God I loved this game. I get why people didnt like it. The Valkyrie Death Animation was weak, but I got passed that and couldn't get enough. The soundtrack was what probably kept me playing for a hundred plus hours on a couple characters.

Stormswrath4739d ago

I really liked too human, hate that the rest of em didn't get made.

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