5 Disappointing Games and the Great Studios That Should Remake Them

A reimagining of 5 disappointing video games and the masterpieces they could have been underneath other studios.

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FallenAngel1984830d ago

How often do disappointing games get remakes

darthv72829d ago (Edited 829d ago )

well... if disappointing movies can get remakes then why not games? some of these have really good premise but somewhat disappointing execution. In the right hands they could be great.

I quite enjoyed lair (after the patch), too human and the order 1886. I'd even add in quantum break and recore as disappointing but with a good premise.

gangsta_red829d ago

"well... if disappointing movies can get remakes then why not games?"

But how many disappointing movies actually get those? I'm still waiting for a remake of Howard the Duck.

darthv72829d ago

^nothing disappointing about howard the duck. It is cheesy 80's goodness.

gangsta_red829d ago

When you're right, you're right.

rainslacker829d ago


Wasn't there a rumor that they were looking at making another Howard the Duck? He had a cameo in GoTG2.

Love that movie for how bad it was. That and Garbage Pail Kids.

DrumBeat829d ago

The Order was a fresh experience. Not the most compelling game, but I didn't want to put it down, and platted it. Good for what it was.

Quantum was something different as well, but a little less fun to actually play, imo. The 'acting' was done in a cheese factory too. Completed one path and never returned to it.

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pietro1212829d ago (Edited 829d ago )

FFXIV was already remade, and it's probably the beat thing Square has put out in years.

notachance829d ago

yes, I was giving an example of disappointing games remade to be a great game

thorstein829d ago

Every time sites need clicks. Just look at the obligatory: i wAnT cLIcKs tEh OrDer 1886 pIcTUrE.

JonathanHarris829d ago

It's really not super often, but it does happen!

Mostly we see cult favorites come back around but in the recent case of Shaq-Fu we really saw a truly awful game see new life (not great life but at least new).

It's something I'd love to see a lot more of.

Thanks for reading my article!

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NarutoFox829d ago

Too Human yeah I remember that game smh😂

Inzo829d ago

The Order has its faults yes but it had a fantastic atmosphere and some great gameplay. A game with enormous potential and far from disappointing. I say give Ready at Dawn another crack at it because I think they created an diamond with some rough edges that just needs some tlc.

Dreamcatcher45829d ago

Problem was the repetitive boss fights. I liked the gunplay, cover system and somewhat the story.

hulk_bash1987829d ago (Edited 829d ago )

It did have fantastic atmosphere, I'll give you that. But gameplay pretty much played out like short gunfire segments interlaced with walking/sneaking + QTE events. Gameplay was the weakest point of The Order because RAD prioritized world building and graphical detail. Ut was disappointing because it didnt live up to the massive potential it haf. If they were given another shot at a sequel, I hope they can learn from their mistakes.

notachance829d ago

gameplay was meh but the world had potential, in my ideal world it'd have Mass Effect kind of gameplay

Prubar829d ago

I waited till The Order was discounted and went in with certain expectations and wasn’t disappointed. Just like Quantum Break. Great concept just needed a little extra meat on the bones.

rainslacker829d ago

I had high hopes before it released. They were curbed some by the early previews, and while I found faults with the game, and it was obviously released unfinished, I still enjoyed it. The lore, acting, graphics, and world itself were excellent.

JonathanHarris829d ago

I agree that it had some awesome atmosphere and the gameplay wasn't awful, but that potential is exactly why I put it on this list. I actually loved playing the game (same as some of the other games I put on this list such as Army of Two) But I would just love to see what could happen if it fulfilled some of that potential, ya know? Could have had the next incredible Sony franchise to rival God of War.

Thanks for reading my article!

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TheEnigma313829d ago

The order should have had a sequel. The first one wasn't bad just needed a few tweaks.

robtion829d ago

I would love a sequel to The Order. It is still a great game.

Lair had a great concept and could be amazing with the current technology available. A Lair-like ps5 game could be incredible.

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