Mass Effect 3 has 3 problems

The new Mass Effect 3 demo has revealed that the game might have a few potentially game breaking problems with it.

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xhedleyx3147d ago

Are you crazy? The Mass Effect 3 demo rocked! I get your point about Freddy Prince Jr. though... wtf is he doing in a game anyways.

da_2pacalypse3145d ago

There are many more problems than just those. But a big one is the dialogue problem.

Christopher3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

Freddy Prinze Jr. is a gamer. I'd rather have him voice it than another celeb who doesn't care about the medium. It's not like the character would suddenly go away if they hadn't cast him in the role.

You have an issue with the character, blame BioWare, not Prinze Jr.

Gaming1013145d ago

Sounds like typical internet troll whining and complaining to me

Godmars2903145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

Didn't mean to imply Freddy Prince Jr.'s presence as a VA as a negative - okay, maybe a little - but rather the literal no-neck marine grunt who he's going to portray which is going to add little to the ME universe.

He could have been an Elcor or Hanar. A recruited Batarian or even Vorcha if you just had to have an extra gun in the squad. Instead he's just another human.

Hell, he's probably just a celeb who's replacing Jacob because Bioware got a celeb to replace him.

yesmynameissumo3145d ago

The criticism and defense of Freddy Prinze Jr.

He ruined Fred from Scooby Doo.

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Blacktric3146d ago

"2. Not enough dialogue choices"

Seriously? It's a frigging demo that takes place in two random sections of the game for God's sake. How can someone make this assessment out of a demo that's obviously made to demonstrate the action aspect of the game and call themselves a journalist?

Aloren3146d ago

Especially when bioware said they took the dialogues out of the demo, and when there was a leak of the exact same part of the game with the actual dialogues that's been on youtube for months.

M_Prime3145d ago

yeah.. i agree. there should be no DIALOG choices to really make in the demo.. i mean i don't want to know what happens.

wiggles3145d ago

That's when I stopped reading. This author is the worst.

MsclMexican3145d ago

"The new Mass Effect 3 demo has revealed that the game might have a few potentially game breaking problems with it."

Me: OMG.. really, Is it a freezing bug that does not let the player proceed? An error in the coding?

Me after reading article: How the f*ck are those game breaking?

These guys need a dictionary before making anymore articles :/

showtimefolks3145d ago

maybe it was just me but i kind of agrre with free things the demo was if i could say Bland? boring and MEH. I still have it on pre-ordered list but hopefully the final version is a lot better.

on ps3 it did not run smooth and the new engine made everything looked so robotic. I am hoping the demo was from a old build and the final version will be much better

I had a lot more fun with Binary domain demo than ME3

Legionaire20053145d ago

he is a big fan of Mass Effect so they put him in.

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The Meerkat3147d ago

I downloaded it then thought better about it and deleted it without playing it.
I know it will be good, I can wait 3 weeks until I get my hands on the real deal.

m233146d ago

Did you try out the multiplayer? It rocks.

pat_11_53147d ago

I can't, I really liked it. But I agree with some of what this author is saying. Why on earth is Freddy Prince Jr in the game?

OC_MurphysLaw3146d ago

Why are you all so hung up on Freddy? Seriously? Did he kick your dog or something? I didn't have any issue with the voice lines he gave in the demo... Seemed good enough for the game imo.

49erguy3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Why is Chobot in the game? At lest we know that Vega will be in your crew. What is wrong with his voice acting? Seemed good to me.

Reaper99373146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Felt like a watered down Uncharted IMHO, nothing wow about the demo, except frame rate drops [PS3 version].

It's a real shame how ME changed from a RPG to a RPG-lite action heavy game.

One last thing the FOV really sucks in this game, Shepard still runs like a retard...

Kakihara3146d ago

You're the only other person I've seen mention the framerate problems, I thought I was going insane. I actually downloaded the demo twice thinking it must have just been something about the first copy of it making the framerate crawl on my PS3 but it seems that's just the way it is. I find the framerate so incredibly low I can't even play it, I have serious trouble seeing what's going on.

Other than that it's.... alright, it basically just feels like the second game to me. I'll probably pick it up just to finish off the story but I can't say I see anything mindblowing in it. I also worry that we will not be allowed to do my favourite thing from the past two games and just wander around the Citadel and other pedestrian areas just talking to aliens and soaking in the atmosphere. I mean if the whole thing is about finding a way to stop the Reapers who are at that very moment tearing Earth to shreds I doubt Sheperd will have time to go get drunk and do some very dodgy dancing.

EmperorDalek3146d ago

No. Uncharted is a watered down Mass Effect 3. See, I can sound stupid too.

CrazyRap3146d ago

Yeh same here.
Couldn't play the demo thanks to frame rate drops.

hay3145d ago

It's more like awesome child of Uncharted and Mass Effect raised by farm from perfect parent, EA.

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ninjahunter3146d ago

Facepalm, they said they force all of those things so that the game would be better than the demo. Except #3, that ones silly :p

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