Uncharted 3′s Cursed Treasure System

A TSA editorial focusing on the game's fun but flawed online treasure hunting system.

"Not many will agree, but in my opinion, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is the best multiplayer game going. Having poured hours into the online component of Among Thieves (even buying every little fragment of downloadable content) I was cautious of how Naughty Dog would handle the online experience in Uncharted 3, especially when trying to compete against the likes of Battlefield and Modern Warfare..."

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Jls12441d ago

I still haven't gotten doughnut drake or sir francis.

Solid_Snake372441d ago

I finally got Skelzor.... After god knows how many hours

Blastoise2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

I have that booster that apparently raises the chance of getting treasures, iv even got it to silver (which is supposed to increase the chance even more) & all i ever find is duplicate treasures :( And when I play co-op I find treasures like once out of every three 20 minute games, they just need to be dropped more often is all

Solid_Snake372441d ago

Those treasures are supposed to be rare, there's no magic to it. Keep playing and you will eventually get it

r212441d ago

yeah, i really hate getting the same treasure over and over. still trying to get Chloes Tau, its freakking impossibru! anyways, im glad that there are others that enjoy the mp.

ginsunuva2441d ago

My friends get like 6 treasures per match and I get 1 like every 15 matches.

telekineticmantis2440d ago

I was hoping they were going to address the way MD failed on the cursed treasure KickBack, I was going to say Amen!

Really that cursed treasure Kickback should only affect enemies, it's already heave as heck, hard to throw and has no distance, on top of that it can affect me and my whole team, I really wanted to use it when I read what it does, but now neither I nor anyone uses it. Fix that Nd it would definitely add a new dynamic to the game and mine.

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