How to Stream to Your PS3 From Your Mac or PC

It’s a familiar story. Gamer drops hundreds of dollars on hardware, plugs in system, jams in a disc, and they’re off and running, never thinking twice about reading the manual or looking into what other features their shiny new console might offer. That was an OK approach 2 generations ago, but today’s gaming consoles have many other capabilities that users seem to either be unaware of or dismiss because they think they need a personal tech support team to utilize them. We’re going to show you some simple ways to get the most out of your console. In this installment we’ll be explaining how to connect to your Mac or PC via your home network so that you can stream music, movies, images, and other media to your PS3.

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Emilio_Estevez2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

LOL at how difficult it makes this seem. Make sure pc and ps3 are on the same network. Download PS3 Media Server on your pc and leave it running. PS3 media server icon will pop up on ps3 showing all your drives and folders. Easier than pie.

C_Menz2440d ago

Yea.... it really is that easy, I do it all the time for the holidays and is as easy as checking a few boxes off on your computer.

morganfell2440d ago

I have streamed to all 3 and all 3 work great. However Linux seems to be the quickest with smoother reverse on .mkv files.

Suddenbrain2440d ago

Someone should write an article about pie...

coolasj2440d ago

Seriously, all you do is install Playstation Media Server and let it run.

hazardman2440d ago

I've been streaming on my PS3 and Xbox for a while now! I use Vuze, Nero Media Home and WMC on the box works like a charm. You can also copy files same way too(PS3 only).

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