Why You Can See Morrowind From Skyrim

Last year, intrepid tinkerers on the PC version of Elder Scrolls V found the game didn't just include the landmass of Skyrim. You could also, with a little work, visit other parts of Tamriel, like Morrowind and Cyrodiil, the settings of Elder Scrolls III & IV respectively.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2462d ago

Hopefully they do end up using them as I would love to see the other provinces with better graphics and updated to the current time (In terms of the happenings in tamriel)

Neko_Mega2462d ago

You already can if you own the old PC game and got the mod for it.

Jpm2242461d ago

Could I see a link to this mod?

SilentNegotiator2461d ago

True, but that's not the same as them getting the full treatment of today's graphical technology, and with Skyrim's gameplay and setting.

deep_fried_bum_cake2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

There's a mod for the current goings on in tamriel? Don't think so, you might be talking about just graphics (I think) but I'm more interested in an updated version of the history of tamriel's provinces. Like a morrowind, cyrodill, and any others that fit the events or states in the books in skyrim.

sllshrm2461d ago

What if some dragons got bored and went to Morrowind?

What if there's a Alduin's horcrux(lol) in Cyrodiil?

If they make this dlc i'll go crazy :/

Emilio_Estevez2461d ago

I'm really just hoping for some unique DLC. I'd pay a few bucks for a crossbow at least.

frostypants2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

They should have put a bare-bones town out on one of them, but put it behind a mountain so it can only be seen by hacking. You know, just to REALLY screw with peoples' heads.

Bottom line is they had to put something out there so people weren't looking out into blackness. They could have just used a big image map instead, but it would have killed the sense of reality. So they just dumped very plain land masses out there.

The fact that they or modders could possibly actually use them is just a fringe benefit.

scark922461d ago

They would have my Money!! if Possible to go to other provinces

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