Mass Effect 3 Demo: PC vs Xbox 360 - Interactive Graphics Comparison

While we are still waiting for the PS3 demo for Mass Effect 3, PC Games compares the graphics on PC and Xbox 360. Check the story.

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Neko_Mega3065d ago

Really? Already know which looks better and heres the order:

1. PC
2. PS3
3. 360

Their you go.

Forza_is_King3065d ago

Not by a long shot.

Just like Sony's current position in the console war, so is its place when it comes to ME 3.

1. 360 (with kinect)
2. PC
3. PS3

Solid_Snake373065d ago

Wow, I dare you to find one graphical difference between the ps3 and 360 version

Forza_is_King3065d ago mass-effect-3-demo-screenshot-c omparison

There you go. Knock yourself out.

GraveLord3059d ago

Funny how YOU call ME a "retarted loyalist" while your name is Forza_is_King. Hypocrite much?

Kinect is just an advanced Eyetoy. SORRY. Did I hurt your feelings?

decrypt3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Its more like:

1. PC
2. Xbox & PS3

Sure there may be differences between the console versions however to see them ud probably have to pick up a lens.

Overall its going to be a console port hence if history has taught us anything all versions will look very close, with the PC version just running at 60fps.


If history has taught us anything, Kinect will do alot more on PC masseffect then it will do on the Xbox 360, dont let the marketing gimmicks fool you, Pc just doesnt get marketed :P

ProjectVulcan3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

PC versions gets better res and framerate, optional anti aliasing which is nice. But essentially the core assets are identical and in DX9 only- so the game is not particularly good looking for a modern PC game.

Straightforward ports are disappointing this day and age IMO

Forza_is_King3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

PC is more hard core than console. Period. People will NOT run out and buy kinect simply for mass effect 3. Kinect was released for PC simply because it opens up ideas on how to use kinect. That is why MS released it for pc and also why it's $100 more expensive than it is for consoles.

Kinect is best used for the console version simply because that is where it will be played on, which is why I put 360 version as #1. Pc crowd won't buy kinect for gaming. They will by it for mods, hacks and other interesting things.

Don't kid yourself if you think mass effect 3 with kinect on the 360 is equal to mass effect 3 on the ps3. Kinect enhances the gameplay and experience.

Ps3 version is last of a list between ps3,360 and PC. Also note that the 360 version graphically is superior e ps3 version. As per LoT findings off the demo thus far. Could change when final release is out....but until then me3 is still visually better on the 360.

hellvaguy3065d ago

Not to start a flame or troll war, but what multiplat game has ever looked better on the Ps3 over the 360 (and also without crashing and fps issues). Now I could see a valid arguement that some 1st party games from Naughty Dog, may have an edge in graphics.

PC I see as being in a different category and more akin to comparing apples to oranges. It has some adv and some disadv when compared to consoles.

Solid_Snake373065d ago

Final fantasy 13? Dragon Age?

Play2Win3065d ago

Actually not! First is PC - no doubt!
Then comes 360. Even Mass Effect 2 on 360 looks better than on PS3. Since Mass Effect switched to PS3 the visual quality also suffered in part 3 even on PC.

DigitalRaptor3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

They're identical, in motion especially. The only differences are gamma based, and that can be adjusted. That goes for ME2 & ME3.

And saying that visual quality suffered because of PS3, that just deluded.

GribbleGrunger3065d ago

why are we getting all these 360 V PC comparisons lately? it's a foolish and pointless comparison. the 360 will always lose in the eyes of these sites because they are graphics and performance orientated. as long as the game runs well it shouldn't really matter. now if these sites compared story, mood, characters and plot development between games, you would have a legitimate and far more intelligent comparison

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Kamikaze1353065d ago

I'm sure the difference will be:


PS3 and 360 versions are lumped together because only the idiots who like to sit 5 inches from the TV will notice a difference. Most gamers who sit at a normal distance, won't notice a difference.

hellvaguy3065d ago

Also you could note for online play:

1.) Consoles
2.) PC (due to widespreed and uncontrolled hacks and cheats)

Kamikaze1353065d ago

Looks like somebody is talking nonsense. Consoles have cheaters and hackers as well. If you played PC games you would see that you're exaggerating.

dirthurts3065d ago

I played the demo on the PC and consoles. While it looked ok, I really thought the textures were lacking. Similar situation to the last game I suppose. It was the same way.
Perhaps the final release will include sharper textures, but I doubt it. There was also very little in terms of graphical options, but there was AA in play, which is nice.
Aside from a higher resolution, frame rate, slightly better lighting, and aa, the pc version doesn't differ too much from the console versions.

pandaboy3065d ago

you can tell the game was made with the consoles in mind. Not much to boast about for PC.

Toman853065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

The list is this in my head:

1. PC
2. Choose whatever you prefer

After my tour with PC demo, im gonna preorder it on PC. 1080p and 60+ FPS makes the PC version score best for me. Even while I own them all, still PC version was ahead both gameplay and performance wise :)

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