Get Early Access to Mass Effect 3 Demo Without Battlefield 3

It's been known that Battlefield 3 came with an early access code for the Mass Effect 3 Co-op Demo. Now there is a way to get a code even if you didn't purchase Battlefield 3.

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DaThreats2465d ago

How do you exactly do step 2 on the link?

FrightfulActions2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Yeah, not really the best walkthrough. But at least this posting let me know there's such a thing. A bit of goggling gave me what I needed to know. You need Origin, you need it linked to your facebook, you need it linked to your game console, you then go here and LIKE the page, then it takes you into the recruitment program. Then you send something to a friend and if they accept, you're in. That seem's to be the jists of it. I think they only need to install the app though. I'm trying to go through it but they're making it overly complicated.

BioWare forum post that tells a bit more about this:

Hope this helps.

Update: I went through the process myself. You link your console account to the Origin, you link facebook to Origin, you like on facebook, allow app on facebook, invite a facebook friend using the app. If they accept and link their Origin account to it, you both get codes. In short: a pain in a**. :/

FrightfulActions2465d ago

To those who wan't a invite from this recruitment app, and thus early access to the multiplayer, send me a friend invite and I'll recruit you. It's up to you to worry about linking your account with Origin though - but this would at least save you the trouble of having to recruit someone yourself.

Kingdom Come2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

I seriously can't be bothered, it's a lot of effort to go to just to play a Co-Op Demo for a game a matter of weeks away, I'd rather wait. I didn't get Battlefield 3 because I despise military shooters. Do we know when the Co-Op aspect of the Demo goes public?

adamant7152464d ago

isn't the demo already out? lol

Kingdom Come2464d ago

The Co-Op aspect of the demo features an early access key, that being the Online Pass for Battlefield 3 if I'm not mistaken. It seems quite trivial to me, if it was a Beta taking place months before release then I could undertake the early access, but when release is a matter of weeks away you'd think EA/Bioware wouldn't particularly wish to restrict access to certain aspects of the demo, the unknowledgable regarding games may misunderstand the uninformative error page for a bug, which could inevitably lead to cancelations of pre-orders...