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Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day from Bioware" like a demo for one of the year's most anticipated titles: Mass Effect 3. Bioware has to deliver over an insane amount of hype and their work is nearly done. For now, its time to dissect the demo and get a glimpse of what lies ahead in three weeks.

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NeoBasch2463d ago

Am I the only one? I thought the demo was terrible. I thought Mass Effect 2 was a huge step down from the original, but this seems even worse. Love how it started as a rather robust and complicated RPG, but now Bioware is offering gamers a mode where they can skip all dialogue choices (computer makes them for you) and customization.

pandehz2463d ago

I thought the demo was pretty good and I loved the co-op

Also the action,story modes were good. I tried them out second time through and was happy not to make choices and let the story play out like a movie. Also everything seemed faster so good for replays later.

joab7772463d ago

I agree that the fix to mass effect 1 's inventory problem wasn't doing away without loot. It was fixing the inventory system. I loved getting gear and weapons for everyone. I would love full customization of every companion etc.

As far as the demo is concerned, it is everything I thought it would b and I'm happy. I agree that the wheel wasn't used much but hopefully that was for the intro. It was better looking, faster, smoother etc. I love the melee, dodging, and vertical play. My one big issue was the running animation and holding the weapon. When u run, u do not float and ur arms should move some. I would like to see him move more like Nathan from uncharted, w some believability. I'm still stoked as ever as no one tells a story like bioware (& some should learn...cmon!)

They were never going to go back and create a true RPG, which appeared to b the original direction. But u can't blame shareholders for wanting to maximize this opportunity.