Mass Effect 3 Demo: Over 45 Minutes Of Gameplay

A YouTube user has released over 45 minutes of the new Mass Effect 3 Demo.

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ArchangelMike3450d ago

Not going to watch it, not going to watch it... I don't want to spoil anythign for myself.

Megaton3449d ago

Both of the missions were among the three E3 demos BioWare had last year, there's just more of it.

NukaCola3449d ago

The environments ad lighting look great on the updated engine. I can see the Gears influence. It's fine for control as PC games to controllers don't always feel as smooth. I am looking forward to seeing the direction the third game takes.

Baba19063449d ago

wow the game looks amazing. absolutly phenomenal. cant wait to play this...

T9003449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Graphically it looks about the same as ME2, which wasnt much of a jump from ME1. I think we are seeing the same graphics since the last 4-5 years with minor improvements if any.

Regarding gameplay it looks like a corridor shooter. Sorry i aint impressed.

QuantumWake3449d ago

Character models look very good. Skin shading looks absolutely phenomenal! Can't say much about gameplay/story, I'll wait till I actually play the demo & full game.

Baba19063449d ago

im not talking just about the graphics. i think it does look amazing though. im talking about the whole thing. its gonna be so much fun. of course that if you didnt like ME2 then you wont like this one either. in that case they could do wonders and you would still hate it couse you seem to think of this kind of games as a corridor shooter. i guess its a valid point of view but i know im excited for this. =D

T9003449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Character models etc look the same as ME2 tbh. I dont see much of a graphics jump. While that may not be a bad thing. People should stop hyping a game for graphics simply because its not much more then what we have been used to seeing.

@people who disagreed

Heres a clip from ME2 gameplay,Please go on to tell me how ME3 is much of a improvement graphically over ME2. I dont see much of an improvement.

SixZeroFour3449d ago

@T900 - i didnt click disagree cause i personally find that part of the comments pointless, but did you really just link a vid of a pc version of ME2 running on "max" settings and try to prove that ME2 and ME3 (xbox 360 version) look the same?

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josephayal3449d ago

i Don't see any difference btween ME2 ME3,so glad I cancelled my preorder

SixZeroFour3449d ago

yep, graphics look the same, forget about what the story and gameplay turn out to be like, might as well cancel the preorder /sarcasm

Godmars2903449d ago

Don't see how the game's going to be much of an RPG experience while playing under the active threat of the Reavers assaulting Earth while you're out in the galaxy. Not going to leave any time for exploration, just take the required missions you need to get everyone on board to save Earth.

Probably would have been better if the attack happened later in the game rather than the beginning. Just feels exploitive.

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