‘NBA 2K11′ & ‘Bridge It’ Are Added to the OnLive PlayPack

Last Thursday, OnLiveFans broke a story that Chronic Logic would be bringing their game, ‘Bridge It’ to the OnLive PlayPack today. While OnLive didn’t confirm the story, the game’s developer was fairly confident that it would be released on time. On Friday, OnLive Community Manager Matt Jensen informed gamers that OnLive would be moving one game that is already on the service, into the PlayPack, and a new game would be added.

Early this morning, OnLive did just as Matt Jensen said they would. They added a new game (Bridge It) and moved an existing game (NBA 2K11) over to the PlayPack. The $9.99/month PlayPack subscription plan gives gamers access to over 140 different games for the one small monthly price.

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