OnLive Demonstrates The Fear Of An 'All Digital' Future

Cinelinx: "OnLive has just abruptly announced that their services will be shutting down as Sony has acquired their assets with no plans to keep the service afloat. It might not come as a surprise that the service is vanishing because honestly who remembered they were even still there? OnLive has been trying to find an exit route for some time now as they switched owners and were constantly trying to sell themselves to console makers. That isn’t the problem we see thought, the problem is that the service is shutting down and all of their customers are totally left in the dark. Read about what they are going through after the jump."

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JoGam2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Damn that's crazy. Feel sorry for those people who still uses the services. Hopefully they can get nice discounts for Playstation Now.

johndoe112112262d ago

"Hopefully they can get nice discounts for Playstation Now."

Why? As bad as this may sound sony has no responsibility to the people currently using onlive. This is the risk you take when you decide to sign up for a cloud based service. This is what makes the whole idea so risky and why people should not be embracing this as the main form of gaming.

Onlive has been looking to close up shop for a very long time now, the people using the service knew this, it wasn't a secret. This is why having a physical copy will always trump digital download and streaming. If sony, microsoft or nintendo goes out of business right now I still have my ps1, ps2, ps3 and ps4 with a cabinet of games I can enjoy for the next 20 years. The people who were using onlive are now SCREWED!

Dafreakzo2262d ago

No they are not. Every person who purchased CloudLift titles get's to keep their Steam copy of the game. That is far from being screwed.

joab7772262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

They wont. And Sony just bought out the other console competition.

I will say it again. Sony NEEDS to either compete w Samsung via TV'S and Mobile phones, or put the Now app everywhere. They could sign with Verizon etc., make an affordable line of TV'S and use Now and Vue to battle Samsung. These would be huge selling points. Or allow everyone to use these apps on their smart devices.

Better yet, make a new mobile device like the Vita, but use Google OS like the Z, and include these apps as well as exclusive games. Imagine having a tablet that does everything an ipad and Vita does, as well as having access to Now, Vue, and Plus. And sell bundle subs for x amount a yr.

It seems so simple to me. Ppl would jump all over that. It would put playstation into everyone's hands.

But instead they rest on their laurels and superior quality products. Take a page from your own Playstation. More PS4, less PS3...cheaper products targeted for today's consumer.

I love ya Sony. Playstation doesn't have to be your only profitable department. Use it to make everything else profitable.

UKmilitia2261d ago

its built into bravia TVS from the 2015 lineup

Thatguy-3102263d ago

An all digital future won't work. The way I see it is that it will Co exist with a subscription service just like the ps4 and ps now.

NuggetsOfGod2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

This is one thing no jounalist talks about.

Onlive Cloud lift feature!

"The idea, executives said, is that gamers will be able to play games they’ve previously purchased, own a physical copy, and play them on any platform OnLive supports: phones, tablets, PCs, the OnLive console, and smart TVs that support the service."

All doom and gloom articles for cloud gaming.

Maybe sony will do that now!

That sounds like a good thing for gamers.

Servers are not cheap so this feature for $5/month sounds good to me.

I could play bloodbourne on my lunch break lol

It seems even onlive wanted a hybrid physical/cloud service and think that is a cool thing.

At least people don't pay for online multiplayer because that would be awful to. And it's good that psn ps3 games work on ps4 lol

Good thing people are not buy mainly online mmo like destiny. That game sold horrid number thankfully.

In the end if cloud is to be done right valve will do it right.

joab7772262d ago

The future is subs for sure. Absolutley!!

Imagine this. Sony begins selling their flagship products...TVs, mobile phones etc...for cheap. $199 for the smart phone, $499 for a 50" TV. But, you have to pay a monthly sub fee for Now, Vue, and Plus. Make it $49.99 for everything. Now you have access to a ton of content...and they have a constant revenue stream.

As technology and infrastructure gets better, they will be in place to go completely console-less, offering a steam like service for your living room. Yet, it will have cable, movies and games. It may never be able to keep up with high end PCs, but they don't now anyway.

If can offer alternatives like Playstation TV (a new one) that has everything, in a box device. Then, go one step further and make a tablet that marries an ipad to the Vita and the Now, Vue, Plus bundle.

Ogygian2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Indeed. For one thing, it prevents modding, so I'm not even sure if I would want a digital subscription to become the sole method.

Razputin2262d ago

Unless these services are extremely cheap, don't see them succeeding at all, at least I wouldn't want them to.

I was an early beta tester of OnLive and even tested its Windows OS service too, but you literally keep or own nothing. With Steam you don't really own it either, but at least you have the licenses and can use it offline as well.

Sony has to think out their strategy very hard, it seems as though it will more than likely become a Streaming service and have a set top box instead of a console.

Outthink_The_Room2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

This is why I laugh when I see people say 2018 for a new console. No way will everyone or at least 85-90% of the world have internet capable of streaming only.

By 2021 or 2022, that number will obviously be higher, but still *might not* be ideal. There is no way we could rush into a streaming only console in a few years, it's going to be at least another 6 years we before could.

That's why I'm kind of pissed that MS's policies had to be undone. At least with their system, we had physical disks. MS really just needed to make the "online policy stuff" an opt-in program.

It would have slowly shown what a digital ecosystem could offer and slowly moved everyone into a digital space. But MS went and made it mandatory, which was stupid. They really messed up a good chance at bridging the physical and digital space. They simply had to do an opt-in program.

ginsunuva2262d ago

Who cares what percentage of the world, just enough of gamers to keep a profit for the time being, then expand to rest of world later.

Razputin2262d ago

Digital only can be done, it could have been done even years ago.

OnLive and other services proved it. You just need the software and tech to provide and compensate for bad internet connections.

Just like Netflix, Hulu, and OnLive it is extremely possible to roll it out now.

Yes, it is true not everyone has an internet connection 24/7, but these companies will make it a big effort that there is some form or internet around you and stride for a digital only console.

DillyDilly2262d ago

This will be the next Playstation. A Digital only service

MysticStrummer2262d ago

Highly doubtful unless Sony wants Playstation to be used by drastically fewer people.

ginsunuva2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

But with streaming the audience grows from (# people willing to spend $400 on a console) to (# people with internet > 5Mbps).

Anyone in the second category only needs to pay per game at any time they please.

Brettman20082262d ago

Maybe with a hard drive and no disk drive, I think that all games may be downloadable. However, I think game streaming is a horrible idea which would always have a degree of latency that would be unacceptable for FPS and driving games etc.

BitbyDeath2262d ago

Infrastructure won't be ready by nextgen to go all digital.

Debaitable2262d ago

Definitely not the Playstation. Xbox tho? Maybe. My reason being is that most Xbox consumers are from the west and in the next few years internet speeds will be increasing. Comcast is already planning on increasing their speed to 2Gbps by the beginning of next year. It will definitely alienate consumers from outside the country, but there's so few of them to begin with.

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Majin-vegeta2262d ago

Unless we live in a peaceful world with no internet monopolies only digital services will succumb.Data caps,lag etc...factor a huge problem for this.

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