OnLive Shutting Down Shows The Dangers Of Cloud Gaming

One Angry Gamer "By now most people have heard about Sony acquiring the patents for OnLive after buying the company out. It's been big news within the core gaming news spectrum after IGN covered the story. However, part of the process of acquiring the patents included shutting down OnLive... and that means all the games, save data, achievements and user content is being wiped for good. So what does this tell us about cloud gaming?"

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johndoe112112263d ago

Agree 100%. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the day gaming goes fully cloud dependent or full streaming, I'm out. It is sad that this is where gaming is heading to. I know it is inevitable but I hope it takes as long as possible to get there. It baffles me how so many people cannot see the dangers of this and how backwards this really is.

People are fine with giving up their rights to shave a coupe seconds off removing a disc and inserting a new one. It speaks volumes about the mentality of this new breed of gamers. You sacrifice your rights for a bit of convenience.

Then you have the selfish and arrogant ones who say "well, once I'm done with a game i have no need to play it again so it's really not a problem" yeah, because the world revolves around them and NO ONE ELSE should EVER want to go back and play a game on a 20 year old system.

We've still got another 2 or three generations to go before we get to that stage so i'm gonna enjoy them as much as possible. For me, it just isn't worth it. That extra 15 seconds to change a disc is not worth the risk of loosing thousands of dollars invested into a full online service. It's inconceivable to not be able to play a single player campaign because the internet is down. And for all the geniuses who will say "well, Ive had internet for a zillion years and it has never gone down", not because something has not happened YET means it will never happen. All it takes is one earthquake, one storm or hurricane, one truck to drive into a post, changing residence and having to wait weeks to get reconnected or a company simply going belly up, like onlive.

HighResHero2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I would quit also johndoe(except maybe multiplayer games).

But that probably wouldn't be necessary because I could just hop over to GOG or wherever and just buy a game.

CDs weren't replaced by MP3s, and MP3s certainly weren't replaced by steaming audio, etc., ad infinitum. The fact that technology can coexist is obvious and anyone who thinks otherwise is not looking at reality. People can be pretty gullible though

MrSec842263d ago

So true, I've been saying for a long time that it'll never be all cloud, it's just going to be a supplement and one of many options for customers.
If all you have is the cloud then when your internet goes down or slows to a crawl the experience is either very poor or not there at all.

Another thing is mobile technology taking over and destroying consoles, often it's the PC gamers suggesting it, but what they don't realize is that if that happens then PCs would be replaced too, with a tiny box that connects to the internet that does it all and that brings an end to your custom hardware solutions.

The cloud has it's limitations because reliability and latency.

Really though if tablets and smartphones get that powerful then consoles and PCs will just get even more powerful.

People want options, not to be pigeon holed into one area of tech.

Linwelin2263d ago

We all know consoles are heading that way. Maybe it is time to ditch the consoles and join the PC's

MrSec842263d ago

If the cloud takes over the console space then it's taking over the PC space too.

You think that if the cloud could potentially become reliable enough to provide for all of your processing needs that you'll even need a PC?

No my friend the little box or any mobile device you have, connected to the internet will do everything that both your PC and a console does, but the issues of latency will always be there while we're using broadband and until we can come up with some completely new form of data transfer tech.

The PC definitely isn't something that is immune to cloud takeover, especially if the console market can be moved to a cloud based one.

The cloud won't be taking over though, consoles will always be around, just like the PC will.

There's no proof the cloud can be as reliable as local hardware, so you're really spouting a fallacy!

TbagginEagle2262d ago

Consoles are restricted PC's. Why pay more for less shit? Build an un-restricted console of your own, and back-up all your games to your own cloud.

jukins2263d ago

Lol so extreme. I like how you use extreme weather and random utility accidents to show why cloud gaming isn't good in your opinion lol. Whole I'll agree were far from a cloud only gaming service the thought that these random accidents would only effect streaming and not the total ability to even be able to power on a streaming box or console shows how far people are reaching.

all the manufacturers know cloud only gaming isn't ready to be the only distribution method but as time passes more and more people are getting on board with streaming not only games but all media. Another 20 years or ppl will be laughing at people us gamers who had to buy consoles.

Muzikguy2263d ago

I agree with you and HighRes. I've said the same things. I also strongly believe that the tech can coexist. It's not just that this is where the industry is heading because I strongly believe it's not our voice that's causing this move. The industry is pushing it as an easier more convenient way FOR THEM (but not saying it like that). It pains me when people use the excuse of switching games. How lazy can you be?! :)

JasonKCK2263d ago

Stick with PC. PC will be the last refuge for gamers if console goes cloud only.

MasterCornholio2262d ago

"Agree 100%. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the day gaming goes fully cloud dependent or full streaming, I'm out."

I agree as well. I dont mind it having as an option but if im forced to adopt it ill just stop gaming. I love collecting my physical copies and buying digital ones. I also enjoy streaming. Which is why i want all three to exist at once. Which is definitely possible.

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crazychris41242263d ago

This is why I keep my old consoles. If I ever want to play one of my old games I can just boot it up with no problems. Dont have to pay more money out of pocket or be at the mercy of the servers. If there is a game I don't have then I take just a 5 minute drive to the local retro gaming store n pick it up cheap.

johndoe112112263d ago

I still play solaris on my atari 2600. that for me is the best atari game ever made.

iamnsuperman2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Isn't this why renting/ a subscription model is a good way to go with streaming games. Onlive was flawed when part of their business model required buying a box in order for it to work. What Sony is doing makes a lot of sense as they have said their game plan for Now is for it to appear on as many devices as possible (Netflix style) without buying anything extra.

I think it does highlight the dangers of streaming/ cloud based games but at the same time it also highlights the dangers of supporting an unknown and untested company. The same situation could apply to the Ouya. It released and people invested in it but nothing is supporting it any more (the thing died at launch). The investment was a bad idea and the same applies to those who bought into Onlive. It was a bad investment.

johndoe112112263d ago

I don't think it matters who is providing a service, paying for cloud based merchandise is a risk. No company is guaranteed to last forever, regardless of how big they are. But that's still just one aspect. Every single one of these services are dependent on one thing, the internet. if your internet is out, you cannot play your games.

The people who say "my internet is NEVER out" need to understand they are in the minority NOT the majority. Quality of internet is another major factor, along with bandwidth limitations. It works for services like netflix and hulu because watching a movie is different than playing a game.

Games offer a level of replayability that you don't often get from movies and that is due to the fact that you are actually participating when playing a game. The ideal thing would be to have them both, physical and cloud based. Unfortunately it seems like gaming is heading in one direction.

mkis0072263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Do you believe internet service will not be stable in the next 10-15 years? Tehnology goes a long way in 10 years this century. What is wrong with paying $1 down the line when you want to play your game again for a few hours? Apart from a select set of games you dont play every game you own every day.

chasegarcia2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I just think cloud gaming is way ahead of its time but, one day it is going be the norm. These companies obviously think the time to invest is now. It is definitely fun for me to see them try to get enough customers to sustain the business.

StormLegend2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Streaming games isn't a bad thing especially if your renting them. Streaming old games is great as well, It's all about having options, now buying full $60 games just to stream them is stupid.

I like what Sony is doing, streaming and renting old games is great! If I wanted to keep the game, then I would have just bought the disc from a store.

I doubt any company would go "all" digital or even try it.

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