Warhawk Preview

Remember the old PlayStation days? If you do, you probably have some recollection of an old game called Warhawk. This flying marvel was released back in late 1995 as part of the system's launch line-up, and helped define the next-generation mantra that Sony had in mind. That's because it was a fast-paced aviation game with six levels of gun-toting mayhem, featuring hundreds of enemies waiting to be blown to bits with weapons like little lock-on missiles, rampaging guns, and other tricks of the trade to mark your superiority in the sky. The game's still a classic to this day, and is now going to set the standard for a whole new member of the PlayStation saga.

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Bill Gates6203d ago

I was gonna see who voted lame on this news post and accidentaly clicked on "lame". But I wasn't surprised to find out that the other two people were PAUL CRAPULA and the dumbas2 TART face. How sad those two individuals are.

andy capps6203d ago

Nice preview. Looking forward to more info on this game!