The Top 5 IPs Sony Should Resurrect For the PS4

Sony has so many fantastic series just lying dormant- they could bring them back, and make their first party lineup even more impressive.

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sammarshall1021055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

I would love a new Resistance on the PS5 they could really do some great things with the leap in power with that kind of game

A Bloody Roar remake would be nice though the original studio doesn't exist any longer

Syphon Filter

gameseveryday1055d ago

Resistance 3 was such an underrated game. One of the best fps on ps3.

sammarshall1021054d ago

This. I really hope Sony fund a new one

Shiken1054d ago

MAG was a great concept, it is a shame it did not take off. It and Killzone 2 were easily the best FPS IMO for their time, and MAG was really underrated.

Cmv381054d ago

Mag was simply ahead of its time. Its essentially a team based battle royal if they took out respawns.

Godmars2901055d ago

Is there any reason to continue much less revive the Resistance story-line? As example Gears' should have ended with the third game yet, amid complaints of the IP being old and tired, it's not only on a fifth entry but like Halo just had a studio created around it for the very reason of making it a continuing franchise. As it show no ability for growing in appeal.

DarkVoyager1055d ago

What ever happened to Medieval remake?


Im thinking a psx re reveal.

1054d ago
alexg5871053d ago

Legend of dragoon anyone?

blackblades1053d ago

And Konami has the rights to bloody roar so yeah.

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BlaqMagiq11054d ago

Wild Arms
Sly Cooper
Jak & Daxter
Twisted Metal

jukins1054d ago

Definitely warhawk. I'd be happy if they just remastered warhawk on ps4. It was a game ahead of it's time on ps3 can just imagine how good it would play on ps4. Hell I have psnow just for warhawk actually lol

shuvam091053d ago

Come to think of it, Incognito always made games that were arcadey fun...
That is something that Sony desperately lacks...
They shouldn't have shut down Incognito...

1Victor1053d ago

You all know Warhawk still alive all you have to do is hook up your PS3 and play it without having to pay for PS+
I understand the need for better graphics but Warhawk have hold well for a PS3 release window game. Starhawk on the other hand can’t be play anymore and I wish Sony would remaster it for PS5 as ps4 is almost at the end of its generation

dragonyght1053d ago

i like to add Socom and MAG to that list

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sin72791054d ago

Syphon filter please sony!

Edito1054d ago

Dino Crisis, Dark Cloud and Galerians

Platformgamer1054d ago

excluding medievil, that will come out gladly:
4-playstation all stars
5-ape escape.
bonus game: pepsiman ahaha
another game that should return but with a completely different genre is fat princess

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The story is too old to be commented.