Top 10 Forgotten Sony Franchises

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Gaming’s past is full of wonderful memories, many of which include some of our favorite moments in all of video games and helped shape our current gaming habits. And, thanks to the awesomeness that is the PlayStation, many of these memories can be found in Sony’s franchises. But what happens when a great franchise or IP just disappears? While sometimes its just forgotten, never to be heard from again that’s not something that we here at Link-Cable can bear the thought of. So for this week’s Top 10 we are taking a look at the Top 10 Forgotten Sony Franchises and also crossing our fingers that someone with the power to bring these back just happens to stumble across this list."

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PhoenixUp1257d ago

Don’t forget Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, Legend of Dragoon, Freedom Wars, Invisimals, Lemmings, Modnation Racers, Pursuit Force, Resistance, Siren, Soul Sacrifice, Mark of Kri, & Wild Arms

darthv721257d ago

To be fair, many of those are not forgotten. They just ran their course while others were not given the respect they deserved to garner a continuation. Games that are one-offs probably had no intention of making them into series but I do wish they would rethink that. Some deserve to be given a follow-up.

UltraNova1257d ago

Agreed. Maybe Sony can contract Bluepoint to remaster Heavenly Sword, see people's reaction to the game and decide wether to give the go for a sequel.

Also Lair can be remastered es as a PSVR game and take it from there.

1257d ago
Michiel19891257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Legacy of Kain would fit right in there, although sony has no rights to that IP as far as I'm aware.

Ah later instalments were not sony exclusive, so dont mind me sir :p

Xenophon_York1257d ago

Remaking the very first Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen would be amazing.

MWH1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Maybe one day the coin will land on its edge.

Michiel19891257d ago

I'd prefer Soul Reaver but Blood Omen would do just fine as well

Godmars2901257d ago

To be fair, Wild Arms did run its course, was effectively run into the ground, going by example of last entry using characters from all games. Being an STG title on the PSP.

Could always revive the western/steampunk setting.

solideagle1257d ago

Playstation Royale maybe?

Thegamer411257d ago

No love for The Getaway?

_-EDMIX-_1256d ago

I know right! I'm still waiting for someone at Sony to make the Getaway 3 lol

I always wondered what the PlayStation 3 version was going to be like.

SuperSonic911256d ago

CTR Remake please. Best kart racer ever made by Naughty Dog

Rangerman12081256d ago

Finally someone mentioned Soul Sacrifice, Siren, Legend of Dragoon, and Freedom Wars. Those games are in desperate of a new installment. Especially with Folkore.

Sitdown1256d ago

Lemmings is a PlayStation franchise? I would say Battle Arena Toshinden.

frostypants1256d ago

Lemmings was a franchise waaaaay before even the PS1 saw the light of day. Nobody's forgotten it.

thisismyaccount1256d ago

and ALUNDRA .. dunno if it´s a Sony IP or not.

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GBG_Jason1257d ago

I'm not sure single games would be considered franchises. If you want to say Heavenly Sword is one, I'd also put Enslaved on the list. Loco Roco is in the same boat as Patapon. But things like Tomba are certainly missed.

Michiel19891257d ago

Enslaved was multiplatform

GBG_Jason1257d ago

Never mind me, you are absolutely correct.

Kleptic1257d ago

yeah, it was the Ninja Theory (same dev as HS), just not a ps3 exclusive

Michiel19891257d ago

It was a good game though, I wouldnt mind seeing a sequel at some point

Yui_Suzumiya1257d ago

There was going to be a sequel to Enslaved. Unfortunately it never left the drawing board. Hopefully someday it will be realized.

jznrpg1257d ago

Enslaved was super undervalued, loved that game

UltraNova1256d ago

....and in dire need of a Remaster!

FallenAngel19841257d ago

How can you all something a franchise if it only has one installment?

At that point it’s just an IP. You can only call it a franchise when there’s multiple installments.

SamPao1257d ago

you should look up the definition of a franchise.
If there is more than just a game, say merchandise its already a franchise.

_-EDMIX-_1256d ago

I understand what the Fallen is trying to say, simply saying how could you suggest a game with only one installment as a franchise in regards to a series in terms of multiple games.

Even though, yes franchise can be considered what you stated in this context that's not really what's being talked about.

SamPao1256d ago

yet still its what he was talking about. Maybe nexttime you should say "series"...

SurgicalMenace1257d ago

Legend of Dragoon? Sly Cooper?

Araragifeels 1257d ago

Sly Cooper is not forgotten. They even making a TV show, I am hoping they Remake the first 3 games from scratch like Ratchet & Clank did.

1257d ago
Araragifeels 1257d ago

@DJK1NG_Gaming I didn't mention the movie because probably got cancelled since Ratchet & Clank movie flop and Sony might not take another chance but Sly Cooper is having it own TV series.

FallenAngel19841257d ago

Sly Cooper is getting a television series. Sony hasn’t forgotten about it

SuperSonic911256d ago

Omega Boost by Polyphony D

1257d ago