Amazing Crysis Launch Trailer

A launch trailer for Crysis is out that shows what you are capable of and the story - and it definitely makes the game look epic.

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hotzizzy4735d ago

Crysis may have been released a month ago, but this trailer is brand new and it's still awesome. Another Crysis video (the 3,000 barrels) was approved a few days ago, how is this any different?

bootsielon4735d ago

This is the best FPS ever, it's the new FPS to beat. It needs to get the graphics a little "tightened up" though ;)

Daxx4735d ago

To bad I would have to pay a thousand more dollars just to have my PC run this F'n beast of a game.

pcgia4735d ago

I have this game but barely play it because of the fact my computer falls to it's knee's when trying to play it.

Single player isn't so bad, but graphics are turned way down, and multiplayer is just laggy, really awesome multiplayer though... it's fun

COD4 is just where it's at for me these days... maybe after xmas when I get a new PC.

Strife Lives4735d ago

Its stupid,its not like its going to look like that on ur pc,unless your pc is really up there in resources. Where as, in console vids,all you need is a hdtv and voila.

King Eric4735d ago

You know that the devlopers of these games aren't showing you footage using a 3 to 4 year old PC. They are probably using the latest video cards that won't be available to the public for 6 months or so. I think they do it just to get your mouth to water then when you actually install the game it almost never looks the same.

cjp4eva4735d ago

if its put on the 360 itll look like metroid prime in the wii at the most.

princej4735d ago

Barely have enough time to play COD4 .... now they show this trialer and makes me wanna go and buy a 1000$ PC.

But i guess its jsut not the same. I play COD4 in HD at 1080i on a 57 inch screen.... Dont think many people would be able to play that with this Crysis game... so i guess that in the end is the trade off.