4 features we'd love to see in Kinect 2 "The rumor mill has been churning out story after story about how awesome the next Xbox machine is going to be (processor speed, no physical discs, blu-ray, blah blah blah), with even mention of an upgraded Kinect device being built into the system. So that got us thinking... besides better motion tracking, what else could the Kinect 2 host to actually make us want to own one? We made up a list and now you’re going to read it."

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GribbleGrunger2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

MS need to get it right next time. they may well have sold Kinect but those consumers are not going to buy into hardcore games in the same way that Wii fans didn't.

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MariaHelFutura2457d ago

I just want one thing....

It NOT built into the next Xbox. I have ZERO interest in anything to do w/ Kinect, but I will be buying the next Xbox.

digitalricket2457d ago

Just curious, but are you interested in voice commands of any sort? Sorta like the way Halo: Anniversary did with "analyze" and all that?

MariaHelFutura2457d ago

Not really, the right game could change my mind... but I haven't felt that way yet. I just think it should be an optional accessory available to purchase (how it is now) not built in, for the millions of people like me.

kneon2457d ago

You don't need kinect for voice recognition.

gamingdroid2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

One of the reason why Kinect isn't getting the same support that Xbox 360 does, is because it is an accessory.

So I'm all for Kinect standard with ever Xbox Next. I want more third party support!

MariaHelFutura2457d ago

Ill be buying it regardless. I just would rather not have it built in, so I'm not paying for something I don't see my self using.

StrongMan2457d ago

How about letting me scan my skateboard into a game like they promised with Kinect 1?

Shadonic2457d ago

i scanned my naruto action figure in this kinect fun labs app >.>

Shadonic2457d ago

voice recognition and kinect chat rooms are basically done right?. The finger tracking has been done with kinect sparkler and the ghost recon gunsmith thing but they never really expanded upon it.

digitalricket2457d ago

Well, the only thing it really does is read your hands coming close together and then quickly spreading them apart. Nothing with your fingers is actually happening.

Shadonic2457d ago

hmm didn't know still it could be used for such features as shooting for instance and extended arm could be for aiming down the sights and a bent arm could be for hip fire way easier plus at the same time your arm would be used for turning its so simple but nothings come up yet besides mods or hacks and the kinect game haunt. I believe that if ryse uses a control system like this but without the pew pew hands it would be the hardcore game we wanted

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