theguardian: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

theguardian: If the purpose of every new release in a popular gaming franchise is to widen the IP's audience, what are we to make of Final Fantasy XIII-2? Here is a JRPG – never the most inviting of genres – that is also the sequel to a game whose story will take players the better part of 25 hours to get through.

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MAiKU2453d ago

Looks like this game is getting mixed reviews. But the majority seems to understand that this game is good, and an improvement, but not great.

Hopefully Versus is a turn for the better in the Fabula Nova Crystalis collection... otherwise the whole FNC universe will be a waste.

Tanir2453d ago

not true dude, Type 0 is already amazing. and idk if u saw the gameplay trailer for Versus but it is looking to be the best FF game since the ps1 days

MAiKU2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Its true that it still has elements of the fabula nova crystallis mythology but i thought they were considering it it's own thing after ditching the "XIII" and calling it Type-0.

BTW Type-0 will make you cry, has a sad story. But yes it is good.