Top 5 Underrated Games of the Last Decade

These games don't get no respect! No respect! Each one of these five is secretly a fantastic title.

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CoNn3rB467d ago

Dragon Age 2 was never a bad game but compared to Dragon Age Origins it was painfully clear that they didn't try that hard. Final Fantasy 13 and it's subsequent sequels will always be crap.

Gaming101466d ago

Wreckfest is an undersold game, it's absolutely brilliant and more pure fun and craziness than any game on that list.

Positivelypositive 467d ago

I really enjoyed all these. I have no qualms with any Dragon Age game. My ONLY problem with DA 2 was how the story just kinda drops and becomes aimless. I was having a blast then... okay... what?

466d ago
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