Starhawk – Changes to Knifing System, New Map Coming to Beta, and Custom Controls

MP1st - President of Lightbox Interactive, Dylan Jobe discusses big changes coming to the knifing system and other materials that will be covered in a very big update.

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Abash2508d ago

Im really starting to like this MP1st site with all the updates they have given on Starhawk and Twisted Metal

Anyways Im happy to hear the knifing system is getting tweaked and there will be more structures being up as soon as the matches start. I really loved using mines in Warhawk and it bothers me that they're very scarce in Starhawk

Nitrowolf22508d ago

Not a few tweaks, but a full new knifing system. The current one I have some issues with, but hearing that they will improve it more deeply and even add those animation kills just gets me excited.
Loving the beta so far

Bioshocking2508d ago

Same, the Starhawk beta is awesome, I think I will get the full game..

But knifing is kind of overpowered.

I can run into the enemies base, and kill all of them just using the knife...

Other than that very fun beta, waiting for more people to join in

DA_SHREDDER2508d ago

ha, looks like they took some of my advice. Good for Lightbox. As long as they don't nerf the melee and add more bullet damage to guns I'll be happy with this.

KeybladeMaster2508d ago

I am glad they are tweaking with the knifing system. Literally my only complaint about the beta. I will be buying the full game when it comes out.

Lyr1c2508d ago

Other than the knifing, I'd only have to complaining about the hitboxes on the jeeps...

I could get run over, standing 7 feet away from the vehicle...

Lyr1c2508d ago

At first, the beta seemed very lackluster. It was void of the charm that made Warhawk so fun.

However, as the beta goes on, I can see that LightBox are making a huge attempt at pleasing its fans and polishing the game. On that merit alone, I may purchase the title.

Nitrowolf22508d ago

I am loving the beta so far as I have said so many times before.

It's a beta so the lack of content is understandable, but I am glad they are letting us test the game out. May 8th is a long way and the beta has a very long time before it ends. More and more features will be added in due time.

From what I have experienced so far, Starhawk is looking to be a very promising title.

Knushwood Butt2508d ago

I spent quite a while yesterday playing it, and came away feeling that it was technically good, but not much fun.

Dunno, maybe I'm missing something but:

I got the feeling the enemy had auto-aim, even with the standard machine gun you get: I could dash and jump but would STILL get wasted by their fire, yet if I tried to do the same I could barely get a hit on them. Ended up just using the knife as it actually seemed effective.

I played a game of CTF where the opponents had built up a wall around their flag, which made it impossible to get near their flag via the ground. Seemed pretty broken to me.

Also, those drop pod things seemed to be pretty shoddy too: there were a couple of times that the landed in spots that just meant instant death for me. Also, I found I could camp near spots where enemy pods would drop, and just knife the fools when they landed.

Dunno, I played Warhawk a ton, but this just didn't seem much fun to be honest. Probably won't go back to the beta.

HammadTheBeast2508d ago

A red, this website has good info and overall coverage, and understand the basic terms of media unlike many other websites. I also love how the devs listen to complaints and the beta has been great but rocky so far, and its nice to see it get better every day.

BitbyDeath2508d ago

The knife was so much fun in Warhawk it is too bad they had gone and changed it.

I hope the improvements make it less nooby.

r212508d ago

how do you guys feel about the new jetpack recharge and fly time? for me its kinda making the jetpack useless now :L

Nitrowolf22508d ago

Yea they still need some tweaking, but i'm glad that some the issues with it have been fixed. They use to be so over powered

BitbyDeath2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Jobe talked about the jetpacks a bit in the interview, don't remember that much of what he said exactly but it will be continue to get tweaked.

SweatyFlorida2508d ago

Wow, the devs need a hand of applause as they are on top of this beta! Literally an update/fix every few days or so, some awesome devs.

Excited for the new knife system, the current one would freeze you completely of mobility, and imo they should decrease the range a tad as I get guys that just run straight to me and knife me when they're still 3-5 ft away, instead of trying to shoot me.

Also, is it just me, or do the rotations for maps seem REALLY long? Normally in most shooters, you would play a map 1 or 2 times, then switch to another, but in the beta it seems like I play "Space" for 5 rounds in a row before going to Acid Sea, and vice versa, this is in TDM.

HeavenlySnipes2508d ago

Players create games. They have to manually set map rotations, time/score limit, and you can even have your server alternate game modes. I.E. Space TDM then Space CTF, then A. Sea TDM and A. Sea CTF. Then it resets and goes back to Space TDM

BoNeSaW232508d ago

The game intermission can be changed from 1:00 minute to 10 seconds. It depends on the user who created the game.

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