Is Final Fantasy XIII-2 The Least Anticipated FF Ever?

We're hours away from the review scores pouring in and yet, PSXE doesn't sense excitement and anticipation. Instead, they sense disillusionment and even hostility.

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DA_SHREDDER2453d ago

Least anticipated? I don't know, I'd say it's tied with FF12. I actually played the FF12 demo and stopped playing it after 10 mins. And no, it wasn't because I was mad about the Squeenix merging. I had no clue that the merger would have any kind of negative impact, so I'm not even biased. I'm sincerely just pissed about the bad quality of the games they have been producing since FF X-2. Man that was a horrible game. Anyways, I can't wait to play a good final fantasy with an old school turn based combat system. Anything is better than the context sensitive crap we have now.

Outside_ofthe_Box2453d ago

FF12 wasn't even that bad. I don't get way people hate on that.

MaxXAttaxX2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

FF12 was great. It had tons of exploration, full party control, more strategic and more importantly, it was an RPG in comparison to 13.

After FF13 I couldn't wait till they released Versus13. Then out of nowhere SE announces FF13-2. A game no one asked for.

Megaman_nerd2453d ago

the FFXII backslash happened after the game was released and the same with FFXIII but the FFXIII-2 backslash started since the day the game was first announced. FFXII sold 6 millions just like FFXIII but now lets see how much FFXIII-2 is gonna sell and judging by its sales in Japan the game flopped. Even a less popular series made with a much lower budget like Tales of Xillia managed to sell much better.

Ranma12453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Yes, because FF13 was the worst FF game ever (minus online games).

Even FFX-2 had a more fun battle system than FF13, and i actually understood the story of FFX-2 unlike the Falcie, Lcie, pulse, Pulse Lcie, Cieth rubbish in FF13.

Toriyama must not direct another FF game....EVER !
(and i get disagrees for saying common sense)

Outside_ofthe_Box2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

~*"But is this the first time in the franchise's storied history where most of the fans seem to be rooting against positive reviews? Based on last week's PSXE poll, the majority of gamers aren't interested in Final Fantasy XIII-2 at all, and most hardcore fans of the series seem to have dismissed the sequel before the scores are in. And yes, it really does feel as if the FF faithful are expecting and in fact hoping for 6s and 7s from major sources.

The reason why is obvious: they want Square Enix to finally recognize the mistakes they've made, and bring us back to the days when Final Fantasy was an iconic RPG. I never thought I'd see the day when an upcoming FF launch was surrounded by rampant negativity"*~

~*"But things have changed...oh, how they've changed. Toss in the distinct possibility of a Final Fantasy XIII-3, and the entire FF community appears to be rebelling en masse."*~

I couldn't possibly agree with these quotes anymore.

PamPoovey2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I know right....some great points. I like this one

"The reason why is obvious: they want Square Enix to finally recognize the mistakes they've made, and bring us back to the days when Final Fantasy was an iconic RPG"

Although how will Square Enix learn, sales now play a crucial thing in how things are played out when it comes to games developers, it's the reason why I'm sick of seeing a slighty negative comment then seeing at the end "I'm going buy this day 1"........why all your doing is giving them a happy sale which will fuel FF13-3s development. Square Enix needs a wake up call but people keep buying their games at launch, even if your looking forward to the game at least try to hold your self back from buying it for maybe a week. This applies to Capcom aswell with Operation Raccoon City and the new dmc game.

The only time Square will truley listen and act on peoples complaints is when the sales are low and they are loosing money, thats when they'll go back to FF roots and give themselfs a kick up the backside.

You hear a lot of FF13 fans on here who will defend the game with their life spewing out a lot of crap about how the hate is just on the internet but it's not....if you ask your gamer friends if they like FF13 they'll probably say my social life the only people who like FF13 are the non gamers (where most of them think they are) or the ones who have never played on the classic FF games. I mean come on FF13 fans...fine you like the game but don't you want them to change so ALL OF US can enjoy a FF titles again in the future.

jc485732453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

honestly, I was actually expecting Final Fantasy XV instead.

My biggest problem with this kind of side stories or direct sequel to the original is that they tend to feel like beta games. It's not like FFXIII was very good of a game that it warrants a sequel. They waste more time trying to fix things up for the fans than to make it up with the next game.

RedDead2453d ago

Well i've heard it ain't even as good as FFXIII, that must mean it's the second worse game ever made? After FFxiii

MultiConsoleGamer2453d ago

The Final Fantasy franchise needs to take a little break.

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