Namco Bandai has aversion to current version of Inversion

Yes, Namco Bandai has announced today that Inversion - the gravity warping shooter developed by Saber Interactive - will no longer meet its February release date, instead being pushed back to the very unspecific time of 'some time in early 2012.

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jacksonmichael2458d ago

Excellent title, high five.

OMEGAZONE2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

But if it's an aversion of a current inversion then what version of the aversion is it or is it a new aversion because of the inversion aversion!!!? aversion version aversion inversion aversion version version version!! @[email protected]'

andron2456d ago

Hmm. that doesn't sound too good. I guess this will be a mediocre TPS after all...