Miyamoto's "never seen" Ratchet and Clank

Insomniac Games said a while back that it was "flattered" that the spherical worlds of Mario Galaxy were inspired by Ratchet and Clank. But Miyamoto says he's never heard of it.

Official Nintendo Magazine UK asked the father of Mario what he thought about Insomiac's comments in a recent interview, to be published in the next issue (Issue 25). But instead of acknowledging Insomniac's work, he asked: "Is it a PC game?"

Miyamoto said he was "surprised" by Insomniac's comment. "In terms of the spherical worlds and anti-gravity," he went on to explain, "we had the original idea as soon as we finished the development of Mario 64 and had been experimenting with it for many years, even on the N64."

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ktchong6008d ago (Edited 6008d ago )

The concept of a spherical world was espoused by Pythagoras - that's 570 BC. Probably even earlier than that. And many philosophers and writers have recycled spherical world way, way earlier before Insomniac and Ratchet & Clank.

Insomniac was just being an arrogant, egoistical prick by claiming they "invented" the spherical world.

Bad_Karma6008d ago

Insomniac was just being an arrogant, egoistical prick by claiming they "invented" the spherical world

and Miyamoto is a lying fu@k saying he never heard of R&C unless he`s so far up his own ass that he thinks he doesn't have to keep an eye on what other developers are doing .

ktchong6008d ago (Edited 6008d ago )

Ratchet & Clank is not exactly a big hit in Japan.

I bet he has not heard of BioShock either.

Bad_Karma6008d ago

so you can really imagine top devs from US ,UK or anywhere else for that matter saying " Mario Galaxy ? ..never heard of it ! ...yeah right

ktchong6008d ago (Edited 6008d ago )

Miyamoto is more concerned with his own business than one of the hundreds of franchises on another platform.

He probably just assumed R&C was a PC game because PC games had always been the forefront of revolutionary ideas until quite recently.

Bad_Karma6008d ago

Sorry but i just dont believe he`s never heard of it ..he must live with his head in the clouds not to have atleast heard of it if not seeing it... i dont believe he said he was inspired by Ratchet and Clank to make Mario Galaxy either the man knows his own business but i`ll guarantee he knows other peoples too. Id say the only thing anyone at Nintendo doesn't know is how to get some stock into shops .

PS360WII6008d ago

bad karma come on really? This guy lives, breaths, and sleeps Nintendo and you are upset because he can't keep track of what Sony's newest mascot is/was? Come on.

Bad_Karma6008d ago

lol i aint upset, i just think he`s full of it ...either that or full of himself :)

PS360WII6008d ago

lol yea those are 2 possibilities

Apocwhen6008d ago

He's full of it alright...Full of brilliant ideas.

ShadoWulf6007d ago

"so you can really imagine top devs from US ,UK or anywhere else for that matter saying " Mario Galaxy ? ..never heard of it ! ...yeah right" -BadKarma

It's MARIO. Everyone's heard of it. However, R&C hasn't got nearly as much reputation. Mario is legendary. The industry salivates over his next game (or used to, at least). I'm sure Miyamoto's got other things to deal with... like running the 3rd best company in Japan.

gaffyh6007d ago

Miyamoto is either really stupid and hasn't heard of R&C, or he's very arrogant. And if they were experimenting with spherical worlds/anti-gravity after Super Mario 64, shouldn't the Gamecube Mario (I think Super Mario Sunshine?) have had spherical worlds/anti-gravity.

Also Insomniac is also arrogant for thinking that Galaxy is a copy of R&C, it's completely different.

Lord_Mike6007d ago (Edited 6007d ago )

I've just heard of R&C this year. So I believe him, and no I do not support Nintendo. I sold my Wii a while back for a PS3.

InMyOpinion6007d ago

I usually confuse Ratchet & Clank with Jak & Daxter.

Baba19066007d ago

i must agree with karma. how can someone who works in game-making not know, what every ps3 player knows, and most of the anti fans too. even hardcore xbox fans know what ratchet and clank is. they probably havent played it, but they would never say they havent heard about it. he might confuse the platform whatever, but you must have heared about it.

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Andronix6008d ago

Whilst you would expect a gaming giant like Miyamoto to be aware of what is going on in the market, he is probably telling the truth. With so many different minds across the planet it's not unheard of for different people to come up with the same idea, story, music etc

either way. Galaxy -Good! Ratchett -Good! Meat -Good! Jam -Good! What's not to like?!

Lord Cheese6008d ago

whats not to like you say? How about quotes from friends. Or how about the fact i recognised it.

<<Performs lobotomy on self

Rikitatsu6008d ago

Miyamoto is pretending !!!!!!

HeartlesskizZ6008d ago

then he probably never heard of MGS series at all...
how can you live in Asia and never heard of R&C? is like living in Europe and never heard of PES

ShadoWulf6007d ago

well, he's kind of HAD to have heard of MGS, considering Snake's in SSBB. They can't slip THAT one by him.

Staircase6008d ago

Where did Insomniac say it was flattered that Mario Galaxy was inspired by Ratchet?

PS: I'm not saying they didn't, I am just interested to see the original source. ;)

Killjoy30006008d ago

lol it was on n4g and i dont know where the original source is but all i can say is is thats one funny avatar you got there.lol

Delriach6008d ago

They never said they invented the idea. Insomniac was asked a question to what games do they think were inspired by ideas from their series. They said that the idea that Mario Galaxy's spherical worlds may have been inspired by their games would be awesome.

They never once claimed that it was their idea or that mario even had the inspiration from them. It was a thought that never was definitive and was nowhere near being egotistical.

If you read the interview in which that statement came from you would see.