Peach vs Daisy vs Rosalina vs Pauline: The Fatal 4-Way Princess Battle

It is time for the Fatal 4-Way Princess Battle! Normally in the Nintendo Link Versus Series, we pin two concepts against each other, but this time we are doing things a little differently. In classic Fatal 4-Way rules, four princesses will enter the battle but only one will exit. Who will win between these four Mushroom Kingdom women? Click here to find out.

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FallenAngel1984103d ago

Pauline and Rosalina aren’t princesses

Jeriphro103d ago

The article recognizes that Pauline is not a princess. However, Rosalina does have a crown, and according to Mario Galaxy lore, she is absolutely a princess.
And since Pauline is a mayor of New Donk City, she is kind of the princess of the city, no? hehe

FallenAngel1984103d ago

Rosalina doesn’t have a kingdom to rule. Nowhere in SMG was it stated that she was a princess

Jeriphro102d ago

Rosalina is described as an intergalactic princess and a "mother" to the Lumas. That's straight from Nintendo.

FallenAngel1984102d ago

Being an honorary mother to the Lumas doesn’t make her a princess

Big Boss for example is seen as a father to his soldiers, that doesn’t make him a prince. The Boss was seen as a mother to Big Boss and Zero, that doesn’t make her a princess.