The Best Games of This Generation – Skate

This generation has seen its fair share of good games, and even more than a few great ones. The goal of this weekly series will be to explain exactly what made each of them so special. For this first issue, we’ll start with one of this generation’s many new franchises: Skate.

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zireno2484d ago

I have all the skate games and have enjoyed every minute of them even if there's been minor improvements over each game. That said my favorite by a long shot it's the second one, controlls have been spot on since the first game but the online part was best implemented in the second than on the third game, I have no idea why they chose to implement teams the way they did and was a bit confusing, I reay don't recall being in a match between 2 full teams which prevented me from getting the platinum trophy (by the way, I got the game at launch and played it for about 4-5 months to see if they were improving that issue but they never did) I hope if there's a fourth game in the future they use the same formula as in the second game 'cause that way so much fun and the third just ruined it for me.