New Skate Game in Development Confirmed, Being Developed by New Studio

EA has confirmed that a new Skate game is in development by a newly formed studio named Full Circle.

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SpeedDemon78d ago

This was already confirmed, EA announced it at their last year's E3 event.

excaliburps78d ago

The new news here is a new studio was formed for the game...

SpeedDemon78d ago

Yes that part is new information.

"Remember EA’s Skate franchise? If you’re a fan of the franchise, you’ll be glad to know that EA has confirmed that a new Skate game is in development! This was confirmed today by EA"

If you read the article you would see that the author didn't know that the game had already been confirmed and your title here makes it appear that you might not have known either.

Michiel198978d ago (Edited 78d ago )

he said NEW news, pretty obvious he allready knew it was announced

edit: didnt see excali made the thread, thought it was about his comment my bad

boing178d ago

Kind of late to the party with this news.

curtain_swoosh78d ago

please dont mess it up tho

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