Battlefield 3 On The PS Vita Using Remote Play

A video has been released showing a YouTube user playing Battlefield 3 on the PlayStation Vita using remote play.

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DaThreats3479d ago

imagine SONY had this full compatibility out of the box for all Vita's.
Be so HOT!

Colwyn3479d ago

the ps vita is amazing. day one buy

NewMonday3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

if they can just remote play streaming on the net, that would be really something. make it for PS+ users.

if Sony would just allow some 3rd party apps, we will get even more great things

Cloudberry3478d ago

The L2 & R2 buttons indeed used on the rear touch-pad.

But I'm still curious...

I want to see VITA remote play of Yakuza 3 / 4.

fear883478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Skyrim Remote Play = 0 productivity at work

blumatt3478d ago

Okay, here is yet another reason to buy a Vita. I'm getting the First Edition Bundle probably so I can get it a week early, and for the case and memory card.

If Sony does allow FULL remote play for ALL PS3 games, the Vita will be even more of a wild success.

FriedGoat3478d ago

Why does nobody realise that theres at least a 60ms delay in the controls? IT'S PRACTICALLY UNPLAYABLE because it's just the same terrible psp remote play. When the newer ps3 titles come out supporting vita remote play, then it will be good.

MaxXAttaxX3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

If there's one thing I hate, is the misuse of the word "unplayable".

It may not be good enough for online multiplayer. But single play works fine. And hey, if the Vita remote play will be even better, then awesome.

FriedGoat3478d ago

I said practically unplayable, have you tried using remote play? It's actually too much effort with the input lag that's it's not even fun to play. That IS practically unplayable. That's like saying playing a game at 10fps an saying it's ok because it's "playable"

MaxXAttaxX3478d ago

The dude in the vid didn't seem to have much of a problem and neither did I in my previous experience.

Maybe it's your WiFi(?)

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CarlitoBrigante3478d ago


BF3 to Vita please!

kaveti66163478d ago

It's custom firmware developed by people who are accused of being filthy pirates on a daily basis. Holy shit, independent programmers, you are so fkin awesome!

MaxXAttaxX3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Dude, calm down. There's no pirating going on in this video.
Besides, the ability to do this on the Sony PS Vita is still "fkin awesome" ;)

I'm down with CFW. To me, it just depends on how it's used.

iamtehpwn3478d ago

Wow! Remote play's advanced a lot since PSP's day. I remember when Remote play came out for PSP, I could hardly even play a PS1 game in decent quality/latency.

farhad2k83478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

It is possible to do remote play over the internet, when you set it up on the VITA, it asks if you wan't to do it directly to your PS3, or over the internet.
Also, for the Western launch, remote play will be released on day one through an update. The Japanese didn't receive it because it's sort of in a beta testing right now.

This will be BEASTLY when fully released. Especially for playing multipalyer games on the go! And as fear88 said, Skyrim on the VITA will just end all of our lives. LOL

3DS 0

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GamersRulz3479d ago

This is awesome, also notice that there is no lag.

Heartnet3478d ago

Cause he is using a wire and not over the internet so really its just another screen xD

RBdrift3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

The wire is the vita's ac power adapter. Remote play has always drained the battery my original fat PSP. Remote play has always been possible through a wireless network connection and not wired.
Here's a video of the same guy playing Red Dead Redemption wirelessly on the Vita's Remote Play.

Heartnet3478d ago

Ah thanks RBdrift :) didnt know :P Sorry for false info Guys :(

Gazondaily3478d ago

There is lag. Look at 4:00 onwards.

I doubt its hardware related though: probably more likely to do with how the custom firmware is programmed.

THC CELL3479d ago

It works well.. Vita is amazing