Trainz4473d ago

It looks like blue waffle.

SoundGamer4473d ago

What kind of waffles do YOU eat?.....

Anyway, back OT:

RE: 6

No Hope Left.

Nov. 20, 2012.

I'm so there. :)

IRetrouk4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

umm its not an edible waffle he is talking about, use your search engine to search for blue waffle and you will see what he means lol. oh make sure no kids or parents are about.


lol, the lads at work told me about it, had to wait for the kids to go to bed, its actually really really nasty lol. maybe thats how the t virus was really spread lol

MAJ0R4473d ago

ha good thing you said that, I was about to search blue waffles

lociefer4473d ago

if its anything like res5 then pass, more res 2-3 less res 4-5 please

RedDead4473d ago

It ****ing does and all hehe. Hope this goes back to virus and not progenitor(whatever)

hill714473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

i hope it goes back to its roots ie resi 1,2,3 and not the boring 4,5 3rd person shoot em ups

Eamon4473d ago

RE4 was amazing. It was a perfect blend of survival horror with third person action.

RE5 almost had no survival horror.

If this game can be as amazing as RE4 I have no complaints.

But arguably, Resident Evil 2 is the best in the series.

Rayko4473d ago

agree with you! RE 1 and 2 were the best, 4 and 5 the worst.

ape0074472d ago (Edited 4472d ago )

with all due respect Resi 4 is one of the greatest games of all time, the game design, the atmosphere, the art, the length, the gameplay is almost unmatched

Resi 5 may have the exact same mechanics as resi 4 but it lacks the soul, the charm of resi 4

maddfoxx4473d ago

Did you play 3? It was the first to include automatic weapons and the only game were you can get automatic weapons from the start. 4 and 5 were very liner so I dont consider them survival horror. I still think 4 is a great game. On the other hand 5 seems very dated.

BeaArthur4473d ago

If they update it I'll be interested.

blackmamba7074473d ago

finally some 2012 game to get hype straight into my veins

Most Wanted 2012 :

The Last of Us
Tomb Raider

BillytheAlien4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

Please answer the questions left to us in RE4 and continue Leons story.

How did Wesker get the sample off Ada?
Who are the The 3rd Organization
Who does Ada really work for....

Oh and I hope they include

Ada Wong with her side campaign which you could unlock after the game
No co-op
A no time limit mode in Mercenaries (differen't modes all together)
Some type of merchent like the one in RE4, where you cana actually find him during the game and not this after a chapter or unless you die BS.

and I'll be good

Oh but if it did feature a partner I hope it will be Rebbeca Chambers.

EDIT.....two disagrees.....oh come on, who dosen't want any of those features in RE6. ¬¬

soundslike4473d ago

Have you ever commented on anything without mentioning how you don't like co-op?