Resident Evil 7 Alpha screenshots leaked, featuring Leon Kennedy

Industry insider 'Dusk Golem' has shared some details and screenshots for the early versions of Resident Evil 7.

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roadkillers114d ago

Looking at that screenshot with Leon shooting that “monster” turning into black dust… it looks cool/fun. Wish Capcom still released RE side games (like Veronica or Outbreak). This would be fun side content.

SullysCigar114d ago

Thank God it didn't end up similar to Resi 6.

I thought Resi 7 was a great game overall, especially in VR.

carrotcakeag113d ago

Off that description and the pictures, I would have much preferred that over the RE7 we got with the family house and Ethan, but to each their own. Their decision was good for business. I like the classic, cheesy, action-hero characters and gameplay.

Babadook7113d ago

I liked 7 a lot. Maybe partly because of the VR version.

hotnickles113d ago

That pic looks fake to me. It looks like RE5 with a RE2 Kennedy model.

cluclap113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

I would say that, but the graphics do look a bit better. Also if it was using MT framework like re5 and re6 then it could've been using the same assets. I'm glad they switched to RE Engine. Its literally built for survival horror. I imagine that after seeing the PT demo by Kojima Capcom completely scrapped this seeing as it's from a 2013 build and PT was released in 2014. Just a hunch.

hotnickles113d ago

Yeah I definitely don’t have a keen eye for that sort of thing but this just looks weird and “not natural” to me. RE5 with RE2 model was the only way I could describe it.

I’m glad street fighter went to the RE engine. I was watching a video on how the muscles flex up when they are throwing punches and stuff. It looks great.

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