Resident Evil 6 Was Never Good So Why Are We Defending It?

TG: “In the past few weeks I’ve sensed a disturbance in the discourse. The Resident Evil 4 remake is now less than two weeks away, with fans sinking into the stellar Chainsaw Demo to learn exactly how the combat system works and what the full experience has in store. It’s amazing how it improves on the original with more nuanced movement, weightier gunplay, and mechanics that allow Leon to parry enemies even in the most frightening of situations. However, certain fools (to be polite) are claiming it reminds them of Resident Evil 6, and how that’s actually a good thing.”

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GoodGuy0984d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Man what it coulda been though. They definitely put in too much hollywood action and Micheal Bay feels to it. I....wonder if they'll decide to remake 5+6? As the most controversial and worst received RE games....would they remake or completely rewrite both?

If they can just retain the survival horror feel into those games somehow. I still like the idea of an optional co-op for 5 and playing three separate routes in 6.
But...I wouldn't mind it at all if they made them much more like 4 going solo in some very creepy setting that makes you feel like your in a horror film....but a badass at killing zombs lol.

-Foxtrot83d ago

I'd just rewrite both and continue the franchise from there

Resident Evil is getting onto number 9 now and it feels after some story decisions in the past games they don't know what the objective / goal is anymore. If they do RE5 they should keep Wesker alive, none of the volcano bullshit and just continue the franchise from there by going off the remake timeline and dropping the numbers completely.

Chard82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

That would be an unprecedented move for a developer to make and I have to imagine the chances of them doing a rewrite like that are zero.
I guess you could say RE has been in it's 'zombie' phase since Mikami left after RE4. The franchise was too lucrative for it to be abandoned, but the original vision had run its course. The new games still have good qualties, but no point pinning your hopes on a giant retcon

NapalmSanctuary82d ago

A proper remake of 6 would require them breaking it down into 2 to 3 different games if you want them to actually succeed at what the previous devs attempted

Terry_B84d ago

Never saw someone defending it.

jambola84d ago

You're thegamer
You have no place mocking other people or calling them fools

Knightofelemia84d ago

It was ok to campaign co-op with a friend but after that the game just stunk like a pile of shit I thought.

FallenAngel198483d ago

RE6 will never stop being an enjoyable game that I revisit from time to time

CrimsonWing6983d ago

I'm right there with ya! Leon's campaign is great!

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