IGN: Viral Website Teasing Resident Evil 6?

A mysterious viral website may be hinting at the next game in the Resident Evil series. A blog containing several photos and videos appears at nohopeleft.com, featuring graffiti scrawled on various dilapidated walls and billboards.

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Jio4540d ago

I hope Capcom fixes the controls, allows you to shoot while moving, and makes it terrifyingly scary. Capcom needs to take back the horror genre.

BiggsnWedge4539d ago

Yeah I didn't really like the controls either on the last one. Controls like on the Uncharted series would be a good idea, albeit mix it up a bit but yeah they're perfect for 3rd person shooters on console I find.

Rampaged Death4539d ago

Uncharted ?? More in the direction of Dead Space.

BiggsnWedge4539d ago

Was just giving an example. I haven't tried Dead Space myself but I'll just agree with you cause honestly the controls for RE5 weren't really good.

Mickbelfast4539d ago

The standing still while shooting adds to the atmosphere of the game, having to stand still then quickly move again & not knowing what's behind you is all part of a resident evil game

Pushagree4539d ago

I dont know whats worse. When people defend terrible flaws like this or the fact that people can get agrees for it.

come_at_me_bro4539d ago

It's true that they add a sense of tension but the tension is fake and the controls are archaic. They can update them without ruining the atmosphere, it's called intelligent game design.

LoLZoRz4539d ago

I agree.

what people are saying here sounds like they want an Uncharted with horror elements.

not moving while shooting adds great tension.

SecludedBubbles4539d ago

Guys this is resident evil, every single game in the series has been standing while shooting. It like deadspace do this on purpose, it isn't meant to be a run and gun. Not being able to move while shooting adds to the scares, obivously if your not able to move anything can come up behind you and get you, hence adding tension etc.

I for one hope and think they will keep these controls (although tighten them up) and bring back he scary atmosphere. Why else would they start branching out bringing operation racoon city etc to the frame. They want to bring these run and gun action games without changing their core series and upsetting their fans.

I can't wait for all these games tbh I love the resi universe.

FunkMacNasty4538d ago

Not being able to move while shooting is an old school game mechanic, and it feels especially old on current platforms (see: RE5). Given that in recent years Capcom has given us "faster" zombies, having to stand still to shoot has resulted in more than a few cheap deaths.

And not for nothin, but I think it's an immersion breaker too. In a zombie invasion, having the main character stand in one position and emotionlessly empty several pistol clips into 10 marching zombies is just silly.

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Brownghost4539d ago

knowing capcom the game will be all action with not fear anywhere and will be catered to casual players

Pushagree4539d ago

I dont see what people like about resident evil. I played the 5th game and it was highly cliche and the controls were terrible. Easily the most overrated series of all time next to Halo.

Horny4539d ago

You played the worst one of the main entries.
If you have a gamecube or wii get zero and the remake to 1. They still look insanely good and the story and atmosphere is amazing. Id also pick up part 2 and nemesis as well if you dont mind playing older games. For their time they were great games and still are today, to me at least.

Pozzle4539d ago (Edited 4539d ago )

You decided that the entire Resident Evil series must be overrated based on what is arguably the worst game in the main series...even though Resident Evil was the series that coined the term "survival horror"? Even though Resident Evil was largely responsible for the entire survival horror genre becoming popular throughout the 90s and early 2000s? Even though most horror games have used elements from those early RE games ever since? You call THAT overrated?

Stuff like this makes me feel old. I remember the days RE was considered one of the best series in existence. Now it's just a laughing stock. :(

FunkMacNasty4538d ago

@Pushagree, I gotta disagree dude. Resident evil 5 may have felt outdated (mostly because aside from new shiny graphics, it was old-skool gameplay). But if you had played one of the early Resident Evil's that came out on PsOne between like 1995-1999, you'd understand why it's a beloved franchise--especially to gamers who remember the 90's. Back then, RE games were scary, inventive, explorative, innovative, and...scary. Not to mention the original Resident Evil is arguably the defining game that sparked the whole genre of "survival horror." HALO is the same thing: i personally also find the game mechanics to be quite outdated, but when that game came out in 2001 on the original Xbox it again sparked a craze of FPS games with a strong focus on multiplayer communities. Without Resident Evil and the Origal HALO, us gamers of today wouldn't be looking forward to a game like Silent Hill: Downpour or arguing over which popular online FPS is better... all those games have roots planted in the soil of Resident Evil or The Original HALO.

And I hate the word "overrated" btw. Using it is just a way of seeming objective when you are really just stating an opinion that you don't like something.

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Rampaged Death4539d ago

Leon and scary that is all I want Capcom.

-MD-4539d ago

I'd prefer to see Jill or Claire in the lead role again myself but Leon's ok too.

Trainz4539d ago

Capcom f*cked up at every possible area that was f*ck up-able this gen.
They will f*ck this up too.

Campy da Camper4539d ago (Edited 4539d ago )

Trainz, you hit the nail on the head. I don't even have a glimmer of hope for this game. They have literally ruined every game they have touched. They are like Anti-Midas.

EDIT: As for the control argument. Yes, standing still while shooting is a RE staple but I am for making it at least somewhat realistic and letting the character moves slowly while aiming. Not being able to move is frustrating because in real life you can at least take a slow step backwards.

gigreen4539d ago

They need to bring back good old, slow, dumb and flesh eating zombies.

El-Fenemeno12134539d ago (Edited 4539d ago )

this may be sadly linked to the resident evil movie.

EDIT: A trailer is set to be revealed for the movie tomorrow x(.